10 Proven Tips To Prevent Holiday Relapse

Holiday Relapse

Holiday Relapse come with lots of celebrations. However, for those in recovery, the holiday season may be a challenging time. The memories associated with addiction may create vulnerabilities. It is best to avoid stress and understand that you don’t need drugs or alcohol to have fun.

Ways To Prevent Relapse During Holidays

Understand Your Triggers

Recovering patients should understand their triggers and ways of dealing with them. The common triggers are anxiety, loneliness, stress, or people. If you isolate yourself during the holidays, the triggers may push you back to addiction.

Focus on Recovery

Holidays come and go, but good health is a treasure worth fighting for. It is good to celebrate with family and friends, but try to avoid addiction. However, if you relapse, you can look for substance abuse treatment near me and get assistance.

Hang Out With Sober Friends

Sober friends will encourage and support you in your sobriety process. Going out with drinking buddies will push you back to addiction. Also, the bigger the number of sober people in an event, the more power you’ll have to avoid pressure.

Learn To Say No

In the spirit of Christmas or New Year, friends and colleagues may try to drag you back to drinking. Be calm and stand your ground.

Practice Self-Care

Ensure you eat healthily and sleep enough during the Holiday Relapse. Hunger may bring back cravings, and lack of sleep may lead to stress.

Meditation and Exercises

Exercises help the body to relax and stay free from stress. Mindful thinking helps you to fight craving and harmful thoughts. Both activities will keep you calm and erase the thought of stressors linked with holidays.

Avoid Places with Alcohol or Drugs

It is important to avoid situations that may lead to relapse. Try to stay away from celebrations with drugs and alcohol. You may attend a holiday event, and you fall into temptations.

Try Something New

Maybe you have been spending previous holidays engaging in drinking or drugs. As a result, you have made that habit a tradition that is hard to quit. Now that you are sober, staying idle may push you back to addiction. Try exciting activities such as watching movies, going to the beach, hiking, or sporting events.

Bring Your Drinks

At times it is hard to resist drinks in a social gathering. The best way is to carry a non-alcoholic drink and keep sipping as others enjoy their wines. Ensure to keep holding it when others are served with drinks, and the waiter will pass you by.https://www.cityballetsf.org/profile/top-gun-maverick-tv-hd/profile

Make Everyday Schedule

Yes, holiday time is for relaxation and having fun. However, for a recovering patient, too much idleness may lead to relapse. Whether at home or on vacation, make a to-do list to help you stay busy and focused.https://www.tvzoneuk.com/profile/top-gun-maverick-online-free/profile

It is normal to struggle with sobriety during the holidays. However, you can avoid triggers, party with sober friends, avoid places with alcohol, or practice self-care tips. Keep in touch with a member of a support group to encourage you when relapse thoughts emerge.

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