4 Ways to Know If IOS or Android Is Better for You 


A survey by Pew Research from 2022 shows that 85% of Americans own a smartphone. A lot of people argue every day whether Apple is a better choice or Android. To help you make an informed decision, in this article you can see four important aspects that you can consider before buying your next device.

Where the majority of the functions and features are now available on both devices, there are still many notable differences. For example, streaming devices like Cox cable and Google Chromecast work with both operating systems. Apart from the similarities, there are so many differences to consider as well.

Check out four notable differences between the two to choose from Android and iOS:

The first thing that a user notices in any device is its user interface. Not until recently, the interfaces of Android and Apple were very different from each other with Apple being easier to use. But with the current Android updates, there isn’t much difference in the ease of use.

With that said, Android gives you more customizability on its UI. You can add widgets like weather forecasts, news headlines, and various others to your homepage. Also, many launchers can help you set the theme, wallpapers, and even set gestures on your device.

Apple on the other hand does not offer the same level of customizability to the interface. You do not get many third-party skins with iOS, and even the customization is very limited. So, if you are okay with the standard options of Apple, then you can go with iOS. Otherwise, Android is the choice of device for you.


Privacy is another important aspect to consider when you are buying an Apple or Android device. Both Apple and Google claim that they care about your privacy. However, how the two companies work with your data is very different.

Let’s start with iOS. One of the major qualities of Apple is that it cares for customers’ privacy. It limits the data shared with other applications and websites. On top of that, the company does not store your data on its servers for personalized services like Google.

In contrast, Google monitors your preferences by storing data like your searches and locations. A good thing that has come out with the new Android update is that it notifies you with a green mark when an application is using cameras, a microphone, and other features on your phone. Also, you can restrict what apps have access to from the app permissions.

Software Updates

Software updates are very important to consider when you are buying a smart device. These updates keep your device secure and also bring new features. Especially, when you are planning to use a device for a long time, it should not feel old.

In terms of updates, Apple is faster at making new updates available and accessible for all its devices. You can get the latest OS updates for models that came years ago. For example, iPhone 8 supports the latest IOS version 15.5. So, with Apple, your device will stay safe and feel new for a long time. However, the same is not true with Android devices. First, it takes a while for the newest Android OS update to come to all models. Also, you do not get the latest version of Android IS for as many years as Apple offers.

So, if you do not want your phone to lack security updates and a new feel, Apple devices are a smarter choice. Within Android, you can opt for Google’s range of Pixel phones, you can get updates as soon as they come out. Yet, for long-term use, Apple is a better choice of the two.


Pricing is another factor that everyone has to consider when buying a smart device. If we compare the prices of Android and iOS devices, Apple devices are always on the pricier side. Even the flagship phones from Google and Samsung are more affordable than the iPhone coming the same year. Besides the main variants of the year, the SE version of the iPhone is also more expensive when compared to Android mid-range phones.

In addition to the price of the device, it is also important to note that Apple repairs are pricey as well. For instance, the screen replacement on iPhone 13 can cost around 350 dollars whereas a Samsung S22 screen replacement is under 200 dollars. So, iPhones are more costly from the time of purchase to long-term use.


So, if you want better privacy and updates on your device, Apple is the right choice. And for more affordable prices and more customized control of your device, Android can be a more preferable choice. You can weigh these factors to select a device.

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