6 Ways a Salon Scheduling App Improves Guest Experience

salon online scheduling app

Despite the rising popularity of touchless and contactless services. The demand for in-salon experiences shows no signs of slowing down. People want to look and feel their best as they return to offices and classrooms. A large majority of Millennials and Gen Z prefer to visit a salon that offers an incredible online booking experience. A professionally-designed and well-maintained salon online scheduling app expands your business’s reach and improves your guest experience in incredible ways.

1. Sync and Organize Salon Appointments

With a proficient and state-of-the-art salon booking app, you can avoid appointment conflicts and reduce customer wait times. The app eliminates the need to hire a caller/receptionist to receive booking inquiries. Schedule appointments, fix stylists, reschedule slots, and manage the daily errands of your salon. Your customers can use the salon online scheduling app to book their sessions on-the-go. And receive automatic appointment reminders through texts or emails. The salon booking app syncs appointments with your team’s calendar to ensure you’re updated of the upcoming visits.

2. List Your Salon Services Logically

Customize your salon booking app’s menu to showcase your salon services neatly and logically. A prospect must be able to navigate your services list and fix their salon appointment online easily. Include a simple “How to book a salon appointment” video that demonstrates how guests can book their slots from anywhere and at any time. This boosts your return rate. Allowing customers to book from Facebook or Instagram is a key salon booking app feature offered by many today.

3. Maintain an Attractive Portfolio

Photograph the latest nail colors, hairstyles, beauty therapies, and other exclusive salon treatments to maintain a pictorial record of your work. Allow your salon booking app’s gallery to feature your best shots along with customer reviews. This will improve your credibility, arouse curiosity, and inspire your guests to try fresh styles, cuts, beauty treatments, and therapies. Create interesting floor videos showing how guests are pampered at your salon.  Do get your clients’ accord photographing them.

4. Cashless Payments       

Salon booking app-based checkouts and payments offer your guests an uber-like experience. By the time your guest finish their service. Surprise them with a seamless checkout, with the invoice ready for their perusal. Integrating multiple payment options to your POS during checkout will improve. Customer convenience and double the chances of rebooking. A customer leave your shampoo station or facial bed. Offer to book their next session or encourage them to book online at their convenience. Educate them about the benefits of paying an advance online prior to their next visit. Just like how it offers your guests a hassle-free check-in, the online booking app for salon ensures. That your guests enjoy the digital payment advantage during checkout as well.

5. Create and Redeem Membership Packages

Membership packages are a great source of revenue for salons and spas. With the right salon booking app, you can create membership packages to boost your outlet’s profits. Customers complaining about the difficulties in redeeming. Their memberships and subscriptions is a common challenge faced by several salon owners today. The salon booking app enables your guests to redeem their memberships at any of your salon outlets, just by choosing their nearest or preferred location.

6. Personalize Salon Services

Imagine sending out a personalized reminder to your client suggesting a deep cleansing facial. Two weeks, their birthday or your staff welcoming each guest with their favorite choice of drink. Customer data managed via your salon booking app allows you to make such small. Yet impactful touches that can go a long way in improving your guest experience. You can track their service history, browsing patterns, purchasing data. And all other key metrics as these details are securely stored by your salon booking app. Marketers can leverage this data to drive more foot traffic to your salon. Your salon staff will be able to conduct fruitful conversations. With each guest with the right type of data in hand.

An automated salon booking app features several in-built tools curated for single and multi-location salons. The software’s exceptional capabilities will allow your salon staff to impress every guest with well-timed services and consistent client experience. Adopt a salon booking app to blend your physical and digital streams of service and attain all-round excellence.

By Mussarat Zafar

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