6 Ways to Use Weed for Medicinal Reasons without Smoking

6 Ways to Use Weed for Medicinal Reasons without Smoking

Some researchers think weed is one of the best substitute medicines to cure diseases. However, there is debate over its medicinal properties, and some think of weed as another harmful drug. Let’s look at what weed might do for patients who don’t find relief by using traditional medicines.

Potential Benefits of Weed

Weed activists raise their voices about how weed can possibly cure diseases. The lack of scientific evidence about the effectiveness of weed stops people from using weed for medicinal purposes. It is suggested that weed has these potential health benefits:

  1. Manages chronic pain
  2. Controls PTSD symptoms
  3. Helps diabetic patients
  4. Boosts neuroprotection
  5. Improves lung functionality
  6. Controls opioid addiction
  7. Relieves HIV symptoms
  8. Busts anxiety
  9. Boosts metabolism

Weed has been used for centuries in different parts of the world to cure several health problems. However, unless more research is done, the scientific community cannot prove or disprove the effectiveness of weed.

Taking Weed without Smoking

Smoking weed is the best way to consume CBD and other compounds that have potential medicinal properties. However, if you don’t want to get “high” or can’t smoke weed for any reason, here are six ways you can consume weed without smoking it.

1.      Weed Edibles

Cannabis-infused foods date back thousands of years. They have been traditionally used to cure many health problems. Nowadays, weed edibles don’t look like the ones available in a variety of products and different concentrations of weed compounds.

Weed Cookies are considered the tastiest way of consuming marijuana. If put in an air-tight jar, weed gummies can last up to three months. You can prepare weed cookies at your home if you love cooking, or you can order them online.

Weed Gummies have also become famous in recent years. These gummies come in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. Some weed gummies have higher weed concentrations compared to other gummies, and you can take highly or lowly concentrated gummies based on your needs.

Compared to other weed edibles, weed gummies are easy to use. You can carry these gummies with you easily in your bag. You might end up overeating weed gummies because of their amazing taste, which is why you should be careful about your intake of weed gummies.

2.      Weed Tinctures

One of the reasons why people should refrain from smoking weed is that excessive smoking of weed isn’t healthy at all. Even if you are smoking weed for medicinal purposes, you have to be careful about the number of weed compounds that enter your body.

The easiest way to regulate your weed consumption is using weed tinctures. Consuming tinctures allows you to take precise doses of weed.

CBD tinctures are not to be confused with CBD oils. For starters, CBD oils are made by diluting CBD with any carrier oil. On the other hand, CBD tinctures are made by suspending weed in alcohol. The difference in composition of CBD oils and CBD tinctures makes them altogether different from one another.

CBD tinctures are made through two primary methods:

  • CO2 Extraction
  • Ethanol dilution

CBD oils are “infamous” for their bitter taste. Manufacturers add flavors to CBD tinctures to make tinctures more palatable. Both natural and artificial flavors are added to CBD tinctures, and you must check the flavor added to CBD tinctures if you’re allergic to certain additives.

Online stores like https://joyorganics.com/collections/usda-certified-cbd-oil-tinctures sell CBD oil tinctures in different flavors. You can pick whatever flavor you like the most if your doctor suggests you start using CBD oil tinctures.

3.      Weed Bath Bombs

If you want to get rid of stress at the end of a hectic day, you should try taking a weed-infused bath. CBD bath bombs rapidly dissolve in water. Taking a dip in a weed-infused water bath allows weed to enter your body through your skin.

Weed compounds are first absorbed in your skin and then make their way to your bloodstream. Some weed bath bombs don’t have THC. You should try taking a THC-free weed bath bomb if you don’t want to get “high.”

Some weed bath bombs available in the market come with essential oils. These oils take care of your skin and leave your skin soft and fresh.

Although it might seem that weed bath bombs are 100% safe, you still need to be careful about using them. Make sure you consult your doctor before you develop a routine of using a weed bath bomb every day.

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4.      Weed Pills

Weed edibles like weed cookies and gummies can disturb your diet and make it difficult for you to manage your calorie intake. This is why you should consider weed pills to consume cannabis without extra calories.

These pills are the best option if you are taking cannabis purely for medicinal reasons. You can easily take weed pills with fresh water. The good thing about weed pills is that they help you regulate your weed intake so you don’t consume more weed than you want.

Keep in mind that weed pills are not your “over-the-counter” pills. You will have to find trusted online stores that sell weed pills in your area.

5.      Weed Patches

One of the quickest ways to let weed enter your body is to use weed transdermal patches. These patches are easy to apply to your skin, and no prior preparation is required for using them. You can easily place a patch on any part of your body where you feel pain.

The weed patches make weed enter your body through your skin. Weed compounds are first absorbed by your skin through the transdermal patches, and then they enter your bloodstream. Don’t forget to get approval from your doctor before applying weed patches to avoid complications.

6.      Weed Topicals

Weed topicals have become more famous than other methods of cannabis consumption. These topicals are mainly used to help patients suffering from chronic pain.

Weed topicals are easier to use as you can apply them to any part of your body. Weed compounds enter your body through your skin and help you get rid of pain and other problems. Some researchers suggest that weed is good for skin health, which is why weed tropicals are best for improving skin health.



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