8 Innovative Healthcare App Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

8 Innovative Healthcare App Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

With the advent of technology, every sector is adopting smart ways to modernize the life of people and healthcare is not an exception.

According to Statista, the global digital health market was valued at 268 billion USD in 2021. With a CAGR of 25%, this market is projected to reach around 334 billion USD by the end of the year 2022.

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What if you could become a part of this growing industry? Seems like a revenue-generating opportunity, right?

Here we have shared the top 8 innovative healthcare app ideas that will help you establish your strong foothold in the global healthcare sector.

So, without further ado, let’s start revealing digital health startup ideas one by one:

Best Healthcare App Ideas

1.  Online Medicine Delivery App

Online medicine delivery app development is one of the most sought app ideas as after covid people are preferring convenience and safety above all.

According to Statista, the revenue from the online pharmacy segment is estimated at 22.50 billion USD in 2022, projected to grow with a CAGR of 11.45% resulting in a market value of 34.71 billion USD.

As a result of this growth numerous pharmacy delivery apps jumped into the market such as NetMeds, 1mg, Practo, PharmEasy, Apollo Pharmacy, Medlife, and so on. You can also develop a similar app to enable people to order medicine online while generating huge revenue from it.

2.  Mental Health App

Today’s stressful and hectic lifestyle leads people toward mental disorders. You might be surprised to know that 1 in adults in the USA is experiencing serious medical issues.

What if you could develop an app that helps people cope with their mental health? This seems like a noble cause, but it can bring a lot of revenue opportunities for you as well.

The mental health app works like a bridge between mental patients and doctors. Using such an app they can easily consult with the specialist and share their mental condition with them without any hesitation or fear.

By placing advertisements or a certain percentage of transactions amount made on the app between the patient and doctor can be charged by you to generate revenue.

3.  Medicine Price Comparison App

On every purchase, people tend to save not much, but at least a little. What if you could save some money on medicines?

Most patients might not be aware of the fact that the price of several medicines with the same formula varies from one pharmacy to another pharmacy. Thus developing a mobile app where patients can check the medicine price at multiple stores from a single place.

Users have to enter the name of the medicine and the app will instantly display the medicine price at a different store. As an added convenience, you can even allow patients to order medicine directly from the app.

4.  Addiction Recovery App

In today’s time, almost everyone is addicted to something be it alcohol, cigarettes, or anything else. This is the new normal life we are living. Some addictions are life-taking, health breaking, or can set you on the path of destruction.

According to the findings of AAMC.org around 21 million Americans are suffering from 1 or more than 1 addictions. What is more shocking is that only 3,000 physicians are trained to treat them.

This is why many Americans are left untreated and lead to life-threatening situations. What if you could develop an addiction recovery app that helps people cope with their addictions? If you do so, you will have a user base of more than 21 million Americans only in the USA. ‘

5.  AI-Based Personal Training App

Due to busy schedules, often people miss out on going to the gym, or yoga sessions. Sometimes the issue might be related to the timings or could be anything else.

AI-based personal training apps will allow people to attend the training sessions from the comfort of their homes at the time they want.

Such applications can work without human interventions, thanks to artificial intelligence. AI understands human needs and suggests the relevant exercise that will allow people to gain the outcomes they want.

6.  On-Demand Doctor App

Whenever a health emergency happens what is the first thing you are obliged to do? Most of us walk at full speed toward the hospital. But with the availability of an on-demand doctor app, you can consult with your doctor easily using your smartphone.

Such apps enable people to have a conversation with their preferred doctor on a video call or any other mode of communication they feel comfortable with.

7.  Diet Tracker App

What we are eating plays a major role in shaping the body. Nowadays people are paying utmost attention to shaping their bodies in a way they like. Therefore developing an app that assists them in their journey, don’t you think will become a hit.

Diet tracker apps allow people to feed their health goals and according to their goals suggest diets to them.

8.  Personal Medical Records App

Personal medical records apps serve exactly like the digital wallet for documents, but instead of documents, it stores the patient’s previous medical reports.

The patients can store all their medical reports on the app and can share the report with their doctor digitally. This way doctors will be able to evaluate all the medical reports of patients, thus they can recommend the relevant solutions.

Final Take: Which Healthcare App Ideas to Choose?

Which healthcare app ideas to choose? This is completely dependent upon you. If you have a limited budget then you can go for a medicine price comparison app, diet tracker app, or personal medical records app as these apps don’t require setting up any infrastructure.

If budget is not an issue then you can opt to build healthcare apps like medicine delivery, on-demand doctors to so on.

After deciding on the most beneficial on-demand startup idea related to healthcare, the next step is to choose a mobile app development. Review all the available choices of mobile app development companies in India and choose the best one to unlock the best potential of your app.

By Mussarat Zafar

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