Indian Traditional Attire

A Quick look on Stunning Traditional Attire Across India

India, the country for its rich culture and heritage, among all , the one thing that is unique and different is the Indian Traditional Attire. All these traditional dresses are very close to our heritage and wearing them makes us feel more connected. They are still green, versatile and popular and easy to wear on any occasion.

For you, these outfits might seem complicated and challenging to wear. But as we see from a traditional point of view, dresses are made of one piece without any stiches on it. All these traditional Indian Clothing are worn differently from region to region. 

To help you out, below are going to different traditional dresses of India based on all four regions of our country. 

North India 

Let’s start from the northern part, where all the valleys of our country reside. Traditionally, several people choose to wear “Pheran”. You will find men usually wear them plain and on the other hand, the women accessorize it with the zari.

Another popular North Indian traditional dress is the cashmere shawls, also known as the pashmina shawls. Being worn traditionally, these shawls are famous worldwide and help protect from snow and cold winter breeze. 

Along with all this, there are certain regions where you will find people wearing traditional dresses with intricate handmade designs. It is hard to miss the chikankari work of Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh. 

Certain parts of Madhya Pradesh lie in the north region of our country. The state is famous for traditional clothes, Maheshwari cotton and Chanderi silk saree. Some formal dresses of Madhya Pradesh are dhoti, kurta and safa. 

East India 

The East Indian regions of the country include West Bengal, Assam, Odisha and Jharkhand. The Indian traditional attire is the saree, and women love to wear saree. The Bengalis have different styles of wearing saree and their Indian Ethnic wear has a cream and white border with a base of red. 

Moving toward the state of Assam, you will find women also gives priority to the saree. The traditional dress of Assam is Mekhla Chador, and the Outfit is similar to the saree. The dress is popular in the entire northeastern part of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya and Sikkim. 

Then there is the state of Orissa, who is known for his Baluchari sari.  The accessories in this sari make traditional outfit even more interesting.

South India 

The traditional clothing of South India has an integral connection compared to its clothing. Some of the traditional South Indian garments consist of Kanchipuram silk in Tamil Nadu, beautiful poampalli patterns from Telengana. The simple purity of the Kerala world and the unique beauty of the vest and dhoti.

The state of Kerala has traditional costumes called Mundum Neriyathum. This is a dress on the lower back. Neriyathum is a garment wrapped around the shoulders attached to the mundu above.

West India 

The West India traditional dress includes attire from Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharastra. The Outfit in these regions is usually comes made up of breathable material due to the climate conditions. the state of Maharashtra has never forgotten its traditional outfits like Nouveri and Panache. The form is also popular for its traditional Paithani saree. 

As we move towards the hotter states, you will find a vivid aura of the colors which has been used in Indian traditional attire. You will find a variety of Intricate handmade designs and embellished mirrorwork. Some popular traditional dresses include the bandhani saree and seamless tights australia. People tend to flaunt on these amazing traditional wear on special occasions like Navaratri. 

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