Amenities Made Possible by Government of Saudi Arabia for Disabled People


Umrah is basically Sunnah but Hajj is compulsory for all Muslims who are physically and financially able to perform. In such circumstances, there are only two ways left where you can perform Umrah, one can execute the rituals on behalf of others who are unable to go for Umrah and the second option is for travel agencies that offer Cheap Umrah Packages. Each Muslim who goes to Saudi Arabia is special to the government of the country and they make sure that everyone gets equal rights and services offered. The main thing is that disabled people such as those who are unable to walk and those who are unable to see, get some special facilities from the government.

Wheelchairs for Disabled

The wheelchairs are provided to the pilgrims that are unable to walk and have some blindness issues. Such facilities are provided to the pilgrims on the spot at airports when they land in Makkah. This facility is free of cost for the pilgrims and they can return back after they have successfully executed the Umrah. There are also escalators and ramps for disabled people to perform their rituals without any difficulty.

The disabled pilgrims can perform Tawaf in Khana Kaaba with the assistance of their fellows who can push the wheelchair for them. The person can also perform Sai along with other people and all these services are free of cost. Pilgrims are not allowe to execute the rituals on the bus as it is prohibit but they can use wheelchairs and perform the deed.

Options for Pilgrims to Travel from Airport

Pilgrims also have some other choices as well so that they feel at comfort while performing the religious obligation. Such as they can book their own cabs that will escort them to the respective hotels from the airport and this facility is attain via travel agents. Pilgrims can secondly use a taxi that is locally available outside the airports that are cheap in price as well. The third option is the Uber series to book a cab from the application using their cellphones and go where ever they need to go.

Travel Agencies Can Deliver the Best Services

Travel agencies also provide a lot of facilities to the pilgrims who travel via their packages. Various companies offer cheap Umrah packages for the travelers that consist of different amenities for the pilgrims to avail of. Even the travelers can opt for different hotels in which they need to stay and have 3-star to 5-star hotel services as well. All these can be accomplished at reasonable and cheap prices. If you need to plan your entire journey on less budget you must visit the companies that are offering the best facilities at affordable prices.

By Mussarat Zafar

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