Andharban Forest Trek: Explore the Dark Forest

Andharban trek

Introduction :

It is the Dark Forest of Andharban Mulshi Trekking Region Difficulty: Moderate Medium Hard Endurance Time Required approximately 4-5 hours. This is the Trek Wiki for the location. It is a good starting point. Andhra refers to “darkness,” and Ban refers to “dense forest,” therefore Andharban literally refers to “Dense Dark Forest.” The dense canopy of trees over your head must be the most frightening part of this 13-kilometre trek.

The dense canopy is traversed for large portions of the hike way. In the monsoon, the Western Ghats is a must-see for those who love nature. The cool air, the green forest, the chattering birds as well as the clear blue sky and the sound of flowing streams and the sound of mist that flows across the hills create Sahyadri, an ideal place to ease tension and tension.

Trek Details

Andharban is accessible 24 hours and seven days a week. There are some people who consider it to be an evening trip. The best security measure is to carry torchlights and walk with a greater degree of caution. If you’re brand new to the trip, it’s best to leave at a reasonable time in the early morning, as it is more difficult to be lost at night and even a slight mistake can lead you to wander around The Kundalika Valley.

depart at Andharban

It’s best to depart at Andharban earlier in the day and then plan your route so that you can reach the start point by 9 a.m. The trek begins approximately 200m in the direction of Pimpri village, which is located near The Pimpri Dam, at a area called Independence Point. Pimpri-Chinchwad Dam. The river follows the road follows straight ahead, and there is an increase in the number of modest stores and huts on the left-hand side of the highway.

It will eventually reach Patnus village, and then, immediately ahead, Bhira village if you keep going straight. Partners has a range of lodges to getting a rest and changing into new clothes, and also numerous restaurants (including the modest Dhaba operated through the ‘Kulkarni Kaka’, that is highly suggested). This village marks the conclusion of the hike and is also the place where hikers are advised to request that their vehicles come to their vehicles to pick them up.

How can I reach the trek?

The Andharban hike starts at Pimpri village, close to Tamhini Ghat. It’s about 50 km from Lonavala. State Transport buses travel out of Lonavala to Bhamburde Hamlet (around 35 kilometres far from where the village is) There, one can take a walk of 14 kms to Pimpri village or rent the car for a single journey. Pimpri village is also reached by private car or via driving through Lonavala up to Tamhini Ghat on the Lonavala-Aamby Valley road, which takes about 1.5 hours in the an average.

There is also an rickshaw for two persons (unreliable). It is recommended for you to go to Andharban with a private car with the driver (which costs in the range of 1500 to 2000 Rs each vehicle, depending on whether willing to negotiate) The trekkers typically take off from the truck and then walk through the valley.

The driver then returns their vehicle at the dam and then returns to pick the trekkers once they’ve completed their hike. In rare instances trekkers could stay their night at the base of Bhira Dam and return to the dam in the same manner the next day. In the ideal scenario, one could drive to Pimpri and park the car and return to the beginning point by calling cabs for Bhira and Patnus Hamlet.


Andharban forests are located within the mountains of Kundalika Valley, near Bhira Dam and Tamhini Ghat. Andharban can mean “black forest,” is due to the fact that parts in the forests are dense and impenetrable, and that light never gets to the ground even in the daytime. In the monsoon the confluence of lakes and trees in the Andharban draws trekkers to explore the trails that wind throughout the woods.

The trail that descends will take to The mountains in the Kundalika Valley, which will be surrounded by fog that is misty in the morning. Starting in Pimpri Hamlet, the journey will traverse a range of ponds, river streams and waterfalls cutting through the Andharban forests, and will finish in Bhira Dam. Bhira Dam.


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