Basic Dog Care Tips: What Every Dog Lover Should Know

The stories of young and old tell the absolute bond of friendship between dogs and humans. Of all the animals, dogs stand as pets for their unintended love and loyalty to their owners. Their protective instinct makes them risk their lives for their owners who may be in danger. In response to this loyalty, owners need to love and care for their companion dogs.

Appropriate care includes bathing, feeding, grooming Accessories, health, toys, housing, and safety. Not only are physical health problems likely to be the result of poor dog care, but also behavioral problems. Below are some basic dog care tips that you should follow to care for your pets.

Bathroom and toilet

Bathing is necessary to keep your pet clean. Although it is important that this is done only once a month, frequent baths can dry out your pet’s skin, making it more susceptible to skin infections. Wiping your pet with a damp towel or simply washing her paws would be enough to keep her clean of dirt between baths.

On the other hand, daily maintenance must be done. Among dog grooming tips, this is a must-have that dog lovers appreciate the most. At three months, your pet is physically ready for proper care. Make sure her coat is always smooth and tag-free by proper brushing. Brush your pet’s coat carefully so as not to scratch its skin.

Health care

Regular visits to the vet for physical exams and vaccinations are one of the ideal care tips to keep your pet in top shape. However, if such a visit is not possible, you can personally inspect your dog’s body. You can start by checking his ears, mouth and teeth. Make sure your pet’s foot pads are not damaged. Check their fur for fleas and their dirt for worms. Take your pet directly to the vet for flea and heartworm infestations.


You can also consult a veterinarian about sterilizing a dog. Spaying provides many health benefits to any dog. This makes dogs less aggressive and less susceptible to prostate cancer and hormonal tumors.


Keep a balanced diet rich in vitamins, egg whites, minerals and enough calories. Give your pet enough clean water to drink, especially on hot summer days. Contact your veterinarian if you notice that your dog is becoming restless from the heat. Heat stroke can be fatal for dogs.



A kennel is the most suitable shelter for your pet. For live and large dogs, it is advisable to leave them in an enclosed yard. There comes a time when your pets yearn for human company. Planning a weekend where they can stay with you or sleep in your bed or on the couch with you will make their desire to be alone easier.

Game time

Some dog owners prefer that their pet is usually on a leash. Remember that pets also need physical activity such as walking and walking to keep their bodies healthy. In addition, these physical exercises with your dogs meet their need for human care and attention. Keeping dogs physically occupied also helps prevent behavioral problems. Do not force your pets to exercise with you during the summer season, especially if they are not in the mood for exercise. Let them stay in a cool resting place because they are more sensitive to heat than humans.


All pet dogs must wear collars with their names, names of owners and addresses. If they are lost, dogs can be easily returned to their rightful owners with this information. Using a leash when walking with pets is one of the most important tips for dog care and will protect your dog from accidents.


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