Basic Packing Tips to Live By


Packing might not be that hard especially if it’s only a single destination trip. However, if you’re traveling to different cities with a single piece of luggage, you also need some extra packing and organizing strategies to lessen the hassle during the trip. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind for stress-free packing wherever you’re planning to go.

Roll Your Clothes

Folding clothes and arranging them in a pile on your luggage looks really great. However, it is not a wise strategy if you’re going for a long trip or you’re seeking to maximize the space in your luggage. Rolling clothes is the most efficient way of packing them. You can easily see what you’re looking for without having to go through the entire pile of folded clothes.

Rolled clothes are also easier to store in packing cubes if you want them sorted according to type. However, avoid rolling clothes that wrinkle easily such as silk and other sensitive fabric. If you need to pack these items, place them in a packing envelope instead so they will look fresh and wrinkle-free straight from the luggage.

Use Organizers

The longer the trip means more items you have to pack. If you’re packing for a long, multi-city trip, it is important to use luggage organisers to keep your items sorted into categories. When you need something from your luggage, you don’t need to take out all the other items looking for it. Just look for the cube or pouch that has the item that you’re looking for. Most of these organizers are see-through so you can easily see what’s inside the container without having to open it.

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Seal the Liquids

When you travel, you need to carry on some liquid items like lotion, shampoo, and other products. It’s convenient to bring these products since they are in bottled containers. However, there are chances that they could leak during the flight due to pressure changes. Be sure to seal all the liquid products before placing them in your bag. You could seal the top of the bottles with a plastic wrap and place the bottles in a Ziploc kitchen bag to protect your clothes from leaks just in case.

Pack Heavy Items at the Bottom

When packing your things inside the bag, place the heaviest ones at the bottom. For instance, if you have wheeled luggage, place the heavy items at the bottom part near the wheels. It creates better balance and it is also easier to pull your bag when the weight is properly distributed.

For a backpack, place the heavy things at the bottom and nearest your body to make it more comfortable to carry your bag even if it is heavy. Arranging things according to weight makes it a lot easier to carry your bag around no matter what kind it is.

With those simple tips, you can pack your bag properly and hassle-free plus it would also make your trip more convenient since everything in your bag is well-organized and easy to find.

By Bilawal Zafar

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