Benefits of Ecards vs Real cards

Benefits of Ecards vs Real cards

Ecards vs real cards play an important role in this 24X7 busy life, expressing your feelings is important to show your love and affection. Cards are a very good method to tell what you feel in just a few seconds without going in person to meet with your loved ones.

Ecards are electronically generated digital cards. They do not involve any paper pen work; you have to type what you feel using your phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

On the other hand, real cards are hard copies of a written or printed message. As its name denotes, their presence with you is real.

Everything has some advantages and disadvantages, such as the Ecards and real cards. Here we will discuss some relevant points that can give our topic a better push.

Why Ecards?

Ecards are very important in your hectic schedule. Suppose you will throw a party whatever the reason and invite all your guests. Then going to everyone’s place to ask them and tell them about the venue and all of your party is a very tough job. Also, it consumes a lot of time. If you go for phone calls for an invitation, it seems to be a very informal method, and it also consumes a lot of time. So sending cards to your loved ones is the best option anyone can opt for inviting them to your party. Whatever kind of card it is, be it an Ecard or a real card, your guests will praise it because every detail is mentioned in the card. But when you go in person to person for an invitation, you forget to mention some important things. So cards are the best option.

Ecard vs Real Card: which one is the best?

Everything has its pros and cons, and the same is with Ecards and Real cards. But Ecards have more advantages as compared to real cards.

Following are a few points which compare between the two:

  • Cost-effective

Real cards require printing or writing a card and then making copies of the card on different paper. Also, the paper quality needs to be good so that the card should stand rigid. This all requires money. On the other hand, when we talk about Ecards, few websites like enable us to make cards for free digitally, and those that take money also ensure a yearly subscription. You can also earn free group cards on those free card-making websites, and this cost is less than that of the cost of making a real card.

Ecards do not require paper for printing, whereas real cards. So ecards in some way help us for the conservation of the environment as piece is made from trees. Real cards require paper for printing, so it promotes cutting down trees somehow.

  • Mode of sharing

In ecards, the mode of sharing the invitation or the message on the card is through your mobile itself, be it by Gmail, WhatsApp, Instagram or any other social media platform. Still, in real cards, you have to go to the person’s place to give the card and send it through some third, post or courier.

Also, you can share the same card with many persons in ecards at one time. You can reach many people by sending the card to your groups on social media platforms. Group greeting is one of the important features of ecards, and these group invitations are also an important feature of ecards.

  • Time effectiveness

Making real cards by your hands or printing them takes a lot of time, whereas when you talk about ecards, it takes a few minutes to about an hour to generate the card through various modes. Also, sending real cards takes time, but sending ecards takes a few seconds to send them through different social media platforms. In just a few minutes, you send ecards to thousands of people at a time, but in the case of real cards, it takes a lot of time to send the card.

  • Personalisation

There is more personalisation in the case of ecards as here you can choose what to write and give words to your feelings. It touches the recipient’s heart, and they can feel more connected to your comments through that card. It will make them feel special, but if you get the cards from the market or print them somewhere, you tell them the details and type them by themselves. Here the details you give are yours, but the words are of the person ordering and printing and the person could not connect to that card that easily.

Final Words

You are now all set to send you ecards by knowing the best of its benefits. Go ahead and create your own perfect ecard with amazing animations, stylish fonts, vibrant colors, melodious songs, and etc.

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