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A large number of MacBook users are continuously looking for solutions to record their computer screen. This very high demand is justified by the practicality and great usefulness of video captures.

Contrary to what one might think, several solutions exist to record on Mac with sound on the screen. This post immerses you in the heart of the essentials to know on the subject and presents a selection of high-performance recording solutions.

What is the use of screen recording on Mac?

Like many computer users, do you ever need to record Mac screen with internal sound? The principle of video capture is the recording of everything that happens on the screen. This is very handy in many situations. The uses of this functionality can be playful, as well as very serious.

In particular, you can take a video capture to keep files. You can use this feature to record video calls as well. It is also possible to save online courses, online videos, and even be able to share them with this solution.

The uses of screen recording on Mac are actually very numerous. It is important to find a reliable solution to record your screen whenever the need arises.

Solutions to take a video screen capture with sound on Mac

What Mac users deplore is the non-existence of a reliable source feature allowing you to take a video screen capture with sound. Luckily, they can take advantage of the overwhelming number of applications available in the market to make video recording. In this post, we will present 4 of these effective solutions offered by web developers.

What solution to adopt for good quality video recordings?

As you will have understood, the solutions available to take a video screen capture are very numerous. It is up to you to identify the one that suits you and adopt it. To make a good choice, you can evaluate the apps . Comparisons are even offered on the net. They are based on the appreciation of Internet users, the reputation of the application, etc.

Feel free to also read user reviews of apps on the download pages. You should also take into consideration the features offered by each software, the requirements of use, etc. The 4 software presented in this post offer the guarantee of making good quality video recordings.

By adopting any of them, you are guaranteed to capture your Mac screen. However, bet on your experience of use and identify the software that you like the most .

iTop Screen Recorder: a popular application

iTop Screen Recorder is one of the most recommended Screen Recorders for MacBook users. It is very useful for recording with sound, video calls and online courses. You can download the software from iTop Screen Recorder as well. Install the app and open it.

Click File,and then select New Record from the options menu that opens. Select the internal microphone to record audio and then start recording. When the capture is complete, stop recording. Click File, then Save to store the video on your Mac.


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