Bizarre period myths

You’d think something as natural as periods –as it is something that has scientific background as it pertains to the human body –will not be marred by bizarre myths. But then you’d be thinking wrong.

Some myths are all about ignorance, you know, can’t Google it so might as well fake it, but others are fabricated around superstitions that can get to the best of us.

While some of these myths might be innocuous, others might jeopardize the wellbeing of ladies. The sources of misinformation are not always sinister; most of these are anecdotal myths that get passed from one generation to another.

But no matter how well-meaning people are about spreading mythical wisdom to others, you should only rely on your gynecologist doctor in Lahore for accurate information with regards to your periods.

Common yet bizarre period myths

Debunking the myths is an important task to set the (mis)information straight. Here are some bizarre myths relating to periods:

Bathing on periods can harm fertility

More of a superstition than a myth is the relationship bathing, periods, and fertility.

Fortunately for us, fertility is controlled by set of factors like our hormones, our anatomy, our health in general. Nowhere does bathing interfere with the process of fertility. So, rest assured, go clean up during your periods.

Period blood is dirty

It’s often perceived that period blood is dirty. Perhaps it’s something to do with it coming out of the nether regions, or perhaps it some ancient belief. However, period blood is not dirty, doesn’t contain toxins, and is not reincarnation of the devil.

It is basically composite of the uterine wall tissue, mucus, some diluted blood, bacteria etc.

Essentially, during the cycle, body prepares for pregnancy with the tissue lining the uterine wall and the whole getting ready for the houseguest. But when there is not implantation, the wall is then sloughed off and passed out via the vagina.

Periods conversation is shameful

Often, especially girls, are not allowed to talk about periods. It is considered extremely crass, and non-befitting a good woman.

Similarly, when buying period products, women should be very discrete, lest someone finds out they are shopping for period paraphernalia.

However, there should not be any stigma or shame associated with something as natural as periods.

Sex on periods can kill your partner

Periods are not the devil’s venom that they will kill your partner.

Women on their periods are dirty

In some cultures, women who are on their periods are considered dirty. They are not allowed to enter the kitchen or cook food. Some also call for them to retreat to private quarters, and they are then not allowed to interact with others.

It is ironic really that the world had issues practicing social distancing with highly contagious respiratory infection, yet for something non-communicable like periods, social distancing is a must.

Touching vegetables during the pickling process when on periods can make the pickle go bad

Your hormones are not present on your fingertips. And neither are vegetables intuitive enough to realize from your scent that you are on your periods. There is no scientific reason as to why the pickles should go bad.

Periods make you cranky, always

PMS is often misunderstood. People use it in derogatory terms. Women who are being assertive are often asked if they are “PMSing.”

Premenstrual syndrome is a condition that sets in before you get your periods. The symptoms can be mild or severe. Commonly observed issues include mood swings, cramps, pain, bloating, migraines etc.

So, while due to the fluctuating hormones women can become cranky, that is not always the case. Also, one must also consider the impact of the haywire hormones on their body.

Moreover, women who have extreme symptoms of PMS may also need help from their doctor at Hashmanis Hospital  to better manage the pain.

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