Car chargers in the test: compatibility is important

In order to use your car charger with your smartphone or tablet, both devices must be compatible with each other. Keep this in mind when purchasing. black friday hoverboards most car chargers that have one or more USB ports are compatible with all smartphones.

In addition, there are special chargers for iOS devices or Android devices that have an integrated cable with a corresponding plug instead of a USB socket.

Different devices: car chargers and car battery chargers

Often, when looking for a car charger, you come across a special battery charger for the car battery. You will need black friday hoverboards this to charge the starter battery of your car.

Such a car charger for jump start, which is also available as a solar car charger, differs significantly from the car chargers or even specific jump start devices in which it works in our test. Do not be irritated by the sometimes confusing names in various online shops.

Well-known brands and manufacturers of car chargers

With the number of electrical appliances we can use on the go, so does the need to charge these devices. Many manufacturers therefore offer special car chargers: tablet and smartphone car chargers, iPhone and Samsung car chargers, TomTom and Oneplus car chargers, Huawei car chargers are commercially available as corresponding accessories.

In addition, there are practical chargers that have USB and other ports that can be used to charge various devices. These and other professional car chargers are offered by various manufacturers. Cheap car chargers can be bought on the Internet, in hardware stores and at discounters (e.B. Lidl).









Frequently asked questions about car chargers

What problems can arise with the car battery?

Problems with the car battery should not occur if you run the car charger over the cigarette lighter. However, not all lighters are able to supply electricity even when the ignition is switched off.

If your lighter only works when the ignition is switched on, it is recommended to use the car charger via the cigarette lighter when the engine is running. Because then the car battery is charged in parallel.

How hot do car chargers get?

Tests of car chargers have shown that although they get warm after a few hours, they do not develop heat that would pose a risk. Nevertheless, electric scooters we advise you to pull the USB car charger out of the cigarette lighter after driving.

Which car charger is suitable for which car model?

As a rule, the cigarette lighters of all vehicles are standardized. Therefore, they differ only slightly in size and design. Most car chargers in tests can therefore be used in almost all vehicles. When choosing the charger, it is much more important than it has the right connections for your devices.

When buying, pay particular attention to the compatibility with your devices so that you can charge them in the car.

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