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How to Draw A Cartoon Girl

How to Draw A Cartoon Girl. There is a seemingly unlimited number of cartoons available for people’s enjoyment. There are cartoons for the little ones and others that people in their 90s can enjoy.

There is something for everyone in this craftwork figure! Also, check our girl drawing easy.

Since cartoons are so popular among all ages, many people have wondered how to draw a cartoon girl to feel lost.

The good news is that this tutorial on drawing a cartoon girl will show you how easy it can be once you know what to do!

How To Draw A Cartoon Girl 

Step 1

We’ll start this guide by drawing a cartoon girl, starting with the hair.

As you can witness in our contact picture, there are two curved lines above the hairstyle with a small gap between them.

So, below these lines are two more lines that curve up in the middle.

We’ll be counting better in the following few steps to complete this hairstyle. So once it looks like our reference image, let’s move on!

cartoon girl 1

Step 2

So get your head ready.

For this part of your girl’s design, we will complete the outline of the head. First, draw attention to the small gaps between the top and bottom lines.

Then use a curved line to attach it to a rounded chin below them. Finally, draw a small flower shape in the space you left in the top two lines.

Step 3

Now draw a dress for your girl’s design.

For now, we’ll leave the head as we design a dress in this step of our how-to draw a cartoon girl guide.

First, draw a small square neck between their heads, as you can see in our reference image.

Then extend the shoulders of the dress to the head and then use two straight lines going down from there. Finally, connect them with a slightly curved line at the bottom to complete this step.

Step 4

Draw some more details on the dress

This step to draw your cartoon girl will be very easy! We will outline some line details on her dress for this step.

First, you can pull a thick collar under her neck and then finish with two thin lines close together in the middle of her dress.

Step 5

Draw some arms for your cartoon girl

In this step of drawing a cartoon girl, we will outline some arms.

These start at the shoulder corner of the dress and then extend down to flush with the dress’s bottom.

As you can witness in the reference picture, we used a cute and simple design for the arms that is very effective!

Step 6

Next, draw some legs.

Drawing arms is one thing, but removing your cartoon girl needs some legs too! Luckily, these will also be pretty simple in design.

They’ll be close enough when they come out the bottom of the dress and end up in a pair of slippers.

Step 7

Design ponytails for your cartoon girl

Step 7 of this guide on drawing a cartoon girl will be another easy one! For this step, we will outline some ponytails for your cartoon girl.

These have small circles at the base of the ponytails that clip to the face just below their ears. It’s easy, and now we can move on!

Step 8

Complete the details of the face

Your cartoon girl drawing needs a face before you take the final step, so let’s take care of that now!

Her eyes have a large, circular iris with some curved lines around them to give them more expression. So WE can draw her nose and smiling mouth with simple, small, and curved lines.

Finally, once you’re happy with how your face looks, you can add some line detail to her hair and ponytails to finish it off. Before you go, maybe you could design a beautiful backdrop or some accessories for her!

Step 9

Now complete your design with color.

Nobody obtains an image to life rather like some pretty colors, so let’s add some to this step of drawing a cartoon girl guide.

We showed you how to interpret this design with our colors. Now it’s your kindness to guide us how!

cartoon girl 2

There is no wrong answer or wrong course of action when coloring. You should use any colors you love and think to suit this character!

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