Shatter vs wax

CBD Wax vs. Shatter: Everything You Need to Know

Forget topical ointments and tinctures, CBD dabs are the latest and greatest when it comes to herbal consumption. Vaporizing concentrate is the best way to enjoy a potent experience and allows you to fully appreciate the flavor of CBD. But before you take your first dab, you need to make the choice between wax and shatter. Both can be enjoyed by using dab rigs like MJ Arsenal dab rigs, but there are some key differences.

Not sure whether wax or shatter is best for you? Here’s everything you need to know about the CBD concentrates.

What is CBD wax?

As its namesake suggests, CBD wax is a honey-like substance that often has a golden hue and malleable texture. Wax is loaded with concentrated terpenes and cannabinoids, making it perfect for a clean-tasting dab. The crumbly consistency is also easy to break apart, so you can measure out your ideal dose every time.

One thing to consider when deciding if wax is the right CBD concentrate for you, is its relatively short shelf life. Wax has medium-grade stability and can degrade quickly if stored for too long. For frequent dabbers, the short lifespan of wax is not a problem. But if you are a smoker that takes dabs only here and there, CBD wax will only go to waste in storage.

What is CBD shatter?

Shatter has a hard consistency, almost comparable to broken glass or rock candy. The concentrate is often clear or light yellow in color, depending on the temperature. When heated using a torch and dab rig, shatter melts into a molten pool of honey. Shatter is highly potent, usually containing an upwards of 80 percent CBD.

Because shatter is so brittle, it can be difficult to break apart for dosage. Although, it is also extremely stable and can be preserved in storage for weeks or even months in the right conditions. To extend the lifespan of your wax, keep the concentrate in an airtight container at room temperature.

How CBD shatter and wax are made

Shatter and wax are made the same way using solvents to extract the oils from hemp plants. One of the most common solvents used in butane, which is extremely efficient at separating terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant. Although, it can also impart an unsavory flavor on shatter and wax if not done without care. The other solvent used is CO2, which is the most sophisticated way to extract oils when in its supercrictical form. To create the right conditions, the CO2 is heated and pressurized until it enters both a gas and a liquid state.

Once the terpenes and cannabinoids are separated by either butane extraction or CO2 extraction, they are heated at a low temperature. Eventually, any residual moisture evaporates, leaving a highly concentrated wax or shatter.

How to use shatter and wax

Whether you choose shatter or wax as your preferred CBD concentrate type, you can enjoy them in the same way. One of the most popular methods of consumption is CBD dabs, which deliver the most potent dose almost immediately. To properly dab shatter or wax, you’ll need a torch, a dab rig, a dab tool and a dab nail. Using a torch, the heat-resistant dab nail is brought to extremely high temperatures that will vaporize concentrate. Once you’re ready, apply a small glob of wax or shatter to the nail using a dab tool and inhale a tasty terpene-filled hit.

Another popular way to consume both types of CBD concentrate is by baking them into edibles. By infusing cooking oil or butter with melted shatter and wax, you can incorporate your favorite cannabinoid into any dish. The one drawback to edibles is that you burn off precious terpenes and oils when melting down the concentrate. Although the edibles might not be as potent, the low-dosage of CBD in baked goods make them a perfect option for a mellow experience. You can even add them to a bath balm.

Final thoughts

There are endless varieties of marijuana products for those willing to research it. CBD wax and shatter are made through similar processes of extraction, and are ideal for dabbing. To tell the two concentrates apart, compare their texture and color. Shatter has a transparent color, and is hard like broken glass. Wax, on the other hand, is sticky and amber-hued. To find the right CBD concentrate for you, go ahead and experiment with both. What better reason to spend a day enjoying your favorite herbal product?

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