Cloud-Based Facility Management

Cloud-Based Facility Management: Good or Bad Investment

What is Cloud-Based Facility Management software?

Facility management software is a trend that every new building owner wants to chase! Yet, before investing in a good facility management service, you should ask yourself a simple question –

Should you opt for a cloud-based solution or an on-premise facility service! With around 93% of modern organizations putting their faith in cloud-based software, many assume it is the best solution.

Yet, blind trust is not good! Therefore, this blog is here with some insightful reasons that can vouch for the credibility of cloud-based building management software.

Cloud-Based Facility Management Software: Noteworthy Perks

1. Low Cost of Ownership and Entry

In most cases, cloud-based facility management services are viewed as an operating expense (annual costs covered by the organization), while on-premise systems are considered a capital investment (one lump sum upfront).

Nevertheless, on-premise solutions require expensive maintenance staff and hardware, which adds to their costs over time. Because of this, cloud-based software tends to cost less upfront.

Moreover, these costs tend to level out over time to around the same amount. Therefore, cloud-based software is an ideal choice if you’re seeking a solution without a large up-front fee. Furthermore, these costs are consistent over time so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

2. Immediate/Effective Site Access

It is common for employees to work outside of office premises; they may be in the field, busy with other tasks, or on the road, so it is not feasible for them to log into the facilities management system during regular working hours.

Opting for facility management software companies that use cloud-based software lets your team access the system through any computer, smartphone, tablet, or other digital devices. There is no need to run to the office to find out what the next work order is, or to impede daily activities in order to check the status of requests. Your team now has access to maintenance tasks at their fingertips. Furthermore, with cloud-based work order software facilities leaders have a bird’s eye view of all activities (scheduled, complete, or in progress) across multiple facilities, no matter what device they are using or where they are located.

3. Simple & Easy Collaboration with Teams

The best cloud-based facility management software ensures that communication is clear and active among team members, outside vendors, and potential departments. It is vital to keep your team members informed about potential changes that are ongoing within your facilities or with your facility

work processes, as well as any emergency repairs that have taken place, and to always be open to listening to their apprehensions by answering any queries they may harbor.

With the appropriate cloud-based facility management too, managers can –

  • Inform teams about all ongoing facility activities and their existing assignments to improve their accountability along with productivity.
  • Communicate maintenance plans and up-to-date projects, equipment, invoicing, service requests, training programs, etc., to vendors or contractors.
  • Using the cloud-based software teams you can eliminate any unnecessary tasks so you and your team can dedicate extra time to the responsibilities that are of crucial importance to you and your organization, maintenance schedule, technicians, and facilities.

4. System Updates Automated

When you go for a facility management software system that uses cloud-based software, you can enjoy automatic updates. These updates save users the need for added application updates or installations. As a result, this saves money, time, and energy while providing a seamless user experience. Additionally, the workload on the IT departments is reduced.


If we diligently go through the above points, we can see how beneficial a cloud-based facility management software is to boosting building management. Therefore, for optimal results, opt for those facilities management software companies that use cloud-based solutions.

On that note, be mindful while hiring an ARC facility service company of your choice. Ensure that they use the latest technology, have an easy-to-use app, and are trusted by global companies.

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