Creative Ways to Decorate Your Front Porch or Entryway

Decorate Your Front Porch

The key to a great life is to never blend in. Why would you want to be just like everybody else? The same goes for your house’s exterior and interior. Now, we’re not suggesting putting neon signs all over the place. We want to give you a few creative ideas you can implement and make your front porch and entryway stand out. It will be more inviting and add to your curb appeal. Not to mention, people will have no trouble finding a house that has a beautifully decorated entry point.

The house numbers

House numbers are a necessity because you want to be found by your friends, delivery people or anyone else who has the address. They are a necessity, but they don’t have to be the ordinary set of numbers you get a a home goods store. You can find interesting ones online or decorate your existing ones by repainting them, hanging up a pot with flowers next to it or a string of lights. You can also get a written house number and add a personal touch to your entrance.

The walkway to your entry door

The walkway to your entry door doesn’t have to be just ordinary because it serves its purpose. First, you should keep it clean, maintained and groomed. You can pave the way with unique pavers, bricks or pebbles. Next, you can place pots with flowers along the edges of the walkway to make it more inviting and beautiful. Add some solar lights between pots of flowers so that they can throw a light glow in the evening and point the way.

Add a pop of colour

Another way to be creative with your front porch is to add a pop of colour around the door, windows and screens. But, before you decide to go with this step, make sure to analyze the colour palette of your exterior to include a colour that goes well with the existing decor. This can also be a DIY project, because you can frame these areas with a new coat of paint yourself. This will enliven your front porch and entryway in an instant.

Do a front door makeover

Just when you’re in the middle of a DIY project, you can add one more to your list and complete a front door makeover. You can strip the old coat of paint and repaint the door and change the colour. This will also change the energy and the vibes of your home and add a layer of cheerfulness to an already warm home.

Add a few attention-grabbing elements

Now that you’ve repainted the door, and framed the windows and other important elements, you can focus on attention-grabbing elements. Start by getting a new door mat by Matshop to personalise your entrance and keep the dirt outside. Next, you can update the hardware like the door nub, the mailbox and the door knocker. You can also add some additional features like a smart doorbell or even a security camera, so you’ll always know who’s visiting. With the right attention-grabbing elements, you won’t have to add too much to make a great first impression.

Outfit the front porch with outdoor furniture

This next step depends on the size of your front porch. If you have space to create a cozy outdoor seating area, buy comfortable outdoor furniture. You can even repurpose old furniture to mix and match pieces for a cozy summer evening. Any outdoor area can be viewed as an extension of your house, so use it to create a cozy outdoor nook where you can read or sit down with your friends. You can also put a rug, place a small coffee table and arrange furniture around it.

Add some plants

Plants can make even the dullest space vibrate with life. You can add pots of seasonal flowers in rich colours to add character to your entrance. Next, you can infuse the area with greenery and create your own herb garden. You can place these pots next to your hanging swing and enjoy their scent and stress-relieving greenery.

Don’t forget the lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures are a necessity because they will illuminate the area at night and beauty the entire area. There’s a variety of options, from romantic string lights, overhead lights, wall-mounted lanterns or surface lighting. You can hang a pendant light in front of your entryway or hang wall-mounted lanterns on both sides of the door. The ned goal here is to use lighting fixtures to light the way to your entrance and also illuminate the porch seating area.

Create some privacy

If you want to create a more private seating area, you can enhance your privacy with different solutions. Outdoor curtains are the easiest solution because you can open and close them with ease, depending on your preference. You can also install privacy screens, arrange hanging plants so they prevent people from gazing in or even use a room divider. Exterior blinds are also a great solution because they will also shield your porch from outside factors like the sun,m rain or harsh wind.

Add a custom door awning

Another great solution for small entryways is to install a small awning. You can choose a colour, style and fabric to add a unique touch and shield your door from sun, rain or other weather conditions. And it’s also a nice pointer – look for the entryway with a purple door awning. People won’t have any trouble finding your home, especially if nobody else has installed this practical element to their entrance.

In conclusion – don’t be afraid to show your creative side

We’ve given you ten different ideas and it’s up to you to determine which one works for you and your home. You can go big, and include each one or you can simply add a personalised door mat and change the colour of your door. Either way, play with ideas and see which one fits. Take your time to plan every element so that you’ll enjoy this beautiful extension of your home.

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