Different Living Room Styles for you to Check Out

Different Living Room Styles for you to Check Out

Picking an inside styling and enriching the lounge is a chaotic work. It is the space where individuals will go into your home and will take note. Subsequently, it should be great and as per your inclination.

When staying in Kolkata, your living room can be huge or small depending on your house; however, that doesn’t matter if you hire an affordable living room interior designer decorator in Kolkata. These people can offer suggestions depending on the space available and decorate it accordingly.

Different living room styles for you

Your living room should portray a part of you and that’s why an individual is provided with numerous options. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Minimalistic
  • Vintage

Have a look at these in detail!

  1. Traditional designing

Traditional styling is often inspired by ethnic Indian art and culture. It will consist of items like ornate lamps, colored upholstery, handicraft, and artworks of Indian culture, etc. Also, it can have wall designs that cater to the traditional aspect such as wall painting of classical dancers, gods or goddesses, etc.

Moreover, artwork picked for such decorations would comprise of paintings and more related to sub-continent Indian traditions and culture, animals, birds, and more. This is ideal, especially if you have a spacious living area that needs decorating.

  1. Modern interior

Any modern interior uses the available area to its maximum potential. The straight-line interior is what most people choose when wanting a modern interior for their living space. The furniture placed in this is always glossy polished looking and clean, unlike most traditional interiors.

Some other features of modern concepts involve minimum pattern, abstract lamp, subdued hues, ceiling lighting, etc. You will always find such designs incorporated in a modern living room setting. It is ideal for a living room with large as well as small areas.

  1. Minimalistic decoration

An organized and clean look is what an individual opting for minimalistic design gets. From artwork to furniture, and other items; everything in this styling is kept at minimal. Opting for this design offers minimum maintenance requirements and is one of the reasons why more people are gravitating towards this interior design. Also, most people in Kolkata might not have the luxury of having a large place; hence, opting for this design is not only excellent for a living room but also for bedroom space. However, you will need to hire an affordable bedroom interior designer decorator in Kolkata to infuse this idea into a bedroom.

  1. Vintage styling

Vintage is ideal for large spaces as it provides a royal look by portraying a regal heritage. It offers a charming design from the 60s or so time and some common features you can find include heavy drapes, expensive-looking items like mirrors, statues, chandeliers, etc.

Not many people opt for this décor, but if you want a unique look for your living room and offer a royal feeling to everyone visiting your house, then this is your style.

If you want to gather more details about different living room styles, you should get in touch with a professional immediately and discuss in detail what interior you want for your living space.


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