Employee Leave Management System

The Employee Leave Management System (LMS) is an automated system that assists the HR team in efficiently tracking, granting/rejecting, and managing each employee’s leaves in a well-organized manner. It also makes it easier for employees to request and track their leaves. 

Why Is A Leave Management System Essential?

 The activities involved with leave management may be inconvenient and stressful for HR employees for the following reasons:

  • Manually tracking each employee’s attendance is difficult.
  • Keeping hundreds of documents up-to-date and in sync with the present situation is huge.
  • Ensure that the employees adhere to norms and corporate policies while on leave.

The majority of the activities mentioned above necessitate the HR team following each employee, and even with constant check-ins, the possibility of missing data persists. It’s time to invest in a robust Leave Management System (LMS) software when your firm reaches 50 or even 30 employees. If you track time, attendance, and hours worked to pay your employee’s wage; it becomes more important to avoid errors, misunderstandings, and employee-employer conflict.

What To Consider When Choosing An HR Software For A Leave Management System?

When selecting a leave management system, it is best to choose a leave solution that meets the fundamental criteria while also allowing for the customization of the leave process. For instance, attendance and time software is used by several smaller or larger companies to keep track of employee working hours. If required, it is also feasible to create shift schedules for them. Automating HR processes can be accomplished through synchronization with payroll software.

Despite other regular software programs, it is not easy to choose the best for your organization. However, it would be great to consider the following considerations when looking for the right software.

Should Have Adjustable Time Tracking Choices

Opt for a system that allows employees to track their work hours using various devices, like an internet-connected computer, a smartphone, a tablet, a timeclock, a phone, text messages, and so on.

Should Be Accurate And Precise In Time-keeping 

Organizations should use good attendance and time software to ensure that employees are paid for the actual time they work rather than the hours they are anticipated to work.

Should Track Time-related Issues

 Select a system that manages the time-related requirements and should be able to do the attendance management properly, rather than one that merely allows the employees to punch their timings in and out. This should include shift scheduling as well. 

Furthermore, if your company charges clients by the hour, you may need a system that provides job-tracking data to see how long your staff spends on different activities.

Should Have The Mobile Compatibility Feature

 Many employees work remotely; in these circumstances, you’ll need a system that can be accessed from anywhere and is compatible with mobile devices. Geotechnology has the potential to be extremely beneficial in regulating and permitting remote workers and employees to log in and out, as well as keeping a record of their exact position and shift completion.

Other Important Aspects

Easy To Use: When selecting attendance and time management software, ease of use is also crucial. Choose a system with an easy and clean interface that allows employees to self-serve. The system should be simple to learn and do not require much training.

Easy To Integrate: Choose a system that integrates your existing apps and software, such as your HR and payroll software.

Employee Leave & Attendance Management: Attendance Management is critical in managing employee leaves. When it’s time to request a leave or settle a case, a good attendance management software will notify the employee (such as missed log-in, half-day, etc.)

Exportable Insights & Reports: Management can use attendance reports and insights in an exportable format to make data-driven decisions.

 Provide Proactive Alerts: Some systems alert them when employees are approaching overtime or fail to check-in or log out.

Features For Audit Trails: In the event of an audit, having access to the original timesheet data and any adjustments made by a manager or supervisor might be beneficial.


 You do not have to round employees’ hours to match payroll calculations and pay requirements with attendance and time software. Your preferred program will automate and assure the correctness of all of your payments.

Most attendance and time software systems integrate with various human resources technology, enhancing attendance-related processes and all areas of workforce management.

If you wish to have an all-in-one HR management software, which is efficient in attendance tracking and management, you must meet the expert advisors from the EmployWise Team. EmployWise provides a wide range of attendance tracking systems and a comprehensive suite for monitoring all company attendance policies.

 Managing employee leaves is a breeze with EmployWise’s all-in-one HR management software. To learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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