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With apple vineyards, saffron fields, spangling lakes & stirring meadows, Kashmir, in the union home of Jammu & Kashmir, draws the attention of excursionists from across the globe. With tranquil settings, magnificent views, and pristine nature, Kashmir is a perfect vacation destination that should be visited formerly in a continuance.

Kashmir is an ideal destination to plan a family stint and honeymoon vacation in India. The graphic Gulmarg, Srinagar, Pahalgam, or Sonmarg, make a vacation with family, or honeymoon in Kashmir an awful experience. Kashmir is indeed home to the popular Amarnath Cave which calls the hot addicts Lord Shiva from across the world.

While the beautiful Dal and Nigeen lakes in Srinagar offer an occasion to delight a stay at the houseboat and enjoy a Shikara Lift; the alpine lakes like Tarsar Marsar, Vishnasar, Gadsar Lakes call out the adventure suckers for the amazing trekking experience. For further adrenaline-pumping adventure, nothing can beat the experience of skiing in Gulmarg during the downtime season.

In our Kashmir Travel Guide, we render the information on the must-have- visit places, effects to do, where to stay, time to visit, affordable Kashmir stint packages, and other aspects of Kashmir Tourism.

Time to Visit Kashmir

Summer Season In Kashmir (March Till June, Temperature 15 °C To 30 °C)

Summer Season in Kashmir is the most popular season, the climate is ideal for sightseers, morning and evening are affable. Hostel and resorts of Kashmir are generally packed during this period therefore it’s judicious to bespeak your stint well in advance

Thunderstorm Season In Kashmir (July To September, Temperature 13 °C To 17 °C)

Thunderstorm in Kashmir begins from July to August when the region receives downfall. During thunderstorms, everything in Kashmir becomes beautiful and lush green. People generally prefer this time as you generally tend to get good flight and hostel deals during this time.

Downtime Season In Kashmir (October To February, Temperature-2 °C To 12 °C)

The Winter season from November to February is the time to witness snowfall in Kashmir, during this period honeymooners, generally prefer to come and you can also enjoy skiing in Gulmarg.

How to Reach Kashmir?

By Air

Sheikh ul-Alam International Airport in Srinagar offers regular breakouts that connect Kashmir to other major metropolises of India. It’s also the most favored way to reach Kashmir by trippers.

By Train

At this moment there’s no road station in Srinagar, the road station from Srinagar is Jammu Tawi, which is around 300 km down from Srinagar. Work on Kashmir railroads is under progress and soon we will have direct road connectivity to Kashmir also.

By Bus

NH 1 and NH 44 connect Kashmir to the major metropolises of India.



Encompassing serenity, Kashmir has outstanding accommodation options offering estimable hospitality to the excursionists. The hospices and resorts in Kashmir, ranging from budget to luxury, offer top-notch services and promise to make your stay an affable and memorable bone.

Whether you’re looking for a heritage experience, mountain retreat, or rendezvous with nature, the hospices and resorts in every sightseer destination of Kashmir Valley pledge to offer you complete relaxation.

There are hospices and resorts in Kashmir furnishing a comforting gym service for an invigorating vacation in Kashmir. No matter which sightseer destination one chooses to visit for holiday in Kashmir, every accommodation offers an excellent stay experience to cherish for a continuance.

Top Effects to Do in Kashmir

The unequaled beauty of Kashmir offers the trippers a number of effects to do. From a Shikara lift in Srinagar to touring to the alpine lakes; from skiing in Gulmarg during the downtime season to swash rafting in Pahalgam; Kashmir has multitudinous conditioning for excursionists that makes Kashmir travel an instigative bone.

The wildlife suckers can visit Dachigam National Park to catch sight of the Himalayan creatures and catcalls. Being home to the popular Amarnath Cave and the flashing Hazratbal Shrine, Kashmir offers passage openings to the addicts.

Cuisine of Kashmir

Kashmir isn’t only pleasing to the eyes but does prodigies to the taste kids with lip-smacking delectables. Although rice has been the staple food of Kashmir since ancient times, the region has a wide array of food particulars that are mild in taste, rich in flavor, and are particularly seasoned with saffron. The cookery of Kashmir is explosively told by the Mughals and so the food then’s generally vegetarian, with funk, mutton, and fish, being the high constituents.

Excursionists on a vacation to Kashmir can not return back without trying the popular food including Yakhni Pulao, Tabakhmaaz, Matschgand, Goshtaba, Riste Meatballs, Shab Deg, Lyader Tschaman, Aab Gosht, Rogan Josh, Harissa, Wazwan (a multi-course mess in Kashmiri Tradition). Piecemeal from these, one should also try the unique potables of Kashmir including Kashmiri Kahwa, Noon Chai also called Shir Chai, or Gulabi Chai.

Tourist Lodestones in Kashmir

Dolled up with pristine nature, Kashmir has numerous popular sightseer lodestones that are perfect for those planning a family holiday, vacation with musketeers, passage stint, adventure, and a honeymoon. In the most popular lodestones of Kashmir Tourism, Dal and Nigeen Lake in Srinagar, one can enjoy a unique stay at the houseboat or enjoy a Shikara lift. The beautiful alpine lakes like Tarsar Marsar, Gadsar, Vishnasar lakes, offer adventure sucker trekking experiences.

Also, there are other points of interest including Dachigam National Park near Srinagar; apple vineyards and Lidder swash in Pahalgam; skiing pitches and string auto in Gulmarg; and Thajiwas 

Glacier in Sonmarg

The religious spots in Kashmir like Amarnath Cave, Shankaracharya Temple, Charar-e-Sharief, Hazratbal Shrine, and Baba Reshi Shrine, set amidst a graphic setting, offer passage openings to addicts from near and far.

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