Factors to Consider in Purchasing Survey Equipment

Factors to Consider in Purchasing Survey Equipment

When purchasing survey equipment, there are several factors to consider, such as cost, compatibility, and durability. While price is a significant consideration, durability is often even more important. A good rule of thumb is to choose trusted brands over less known ones. Another factor to consider is transportation costs. Whether you will use the surveying equipment frequently or only once is also essential, as is how much money you’re willing to spend.

Durability of Survey Equipment

When purchasing survey equipment, it is essential to consider durability. It is because many surveying equipment components are likely to require replacement at some point in time. You can measure a product’s durability by how long it lasts before needing to be repaired. Often, it is better to invest in a more reliable and long-lasting model than to keep replacing parts and equipment.

If you need to use the equipment for several years before replacing it, you may consider buying pre-owned land survey equipment. Although you may not get the best value for your money, this option is worth considering if you plan on using the equipment for an extended time. Alternatively, you can rent the equipment until you need to replace it. Pre-owned land survey equipment that has been maintained will still serve you well, and if it breaks down for any reason, you can always sell or rent it to another professional. Ultimately, this will save you money in the long run. If you are hesitant to buy the best one for you, consult https://bench-mark.ca/ now.

Compatibility of Survey Equipment

Land survey equipment is often difficult to find, especially if you have to purchase multiple pieces. Levels, 3D laser scanners, total stations, and robotic total stations are just a few items needed for land surveying. In addition, many surveying jobs are now being done with mobile devices, and the demand for mobile land surveys is projected to grow significantly in the coming years. Here are some of the top companies in the industry to help you choose the correct survey equipment for your needs.

Transportation cost

When purchasing survey equipment, it is important to consider transportation costs. Depending on the mode of transportation used, the size of your field team, and the number of field sites, your expenses will differ. You can pay surveyors via travel allowance or hire a car rental company directly. See our grant proposal resource to determine how to budget for transportation costs. 

Consider serializing your field equipment, as field equipment is subject to rough conditions and depreciates quickly. If you purchase a GPS machine, record the serial number to identify systematic errors in the machine promptly. Also, note that some equipment, such as a GPS unit, will require a different tracking system if you conduct remote surveys, which may require customization of your tracking system. Finally, remember the number of remote surveys you’ll be undertaking.

When buying survey equipment, be sure to consider transportation costs as well. The transportation time between survey sites is often a significant delay factor. To mitigate delays, collect data about travel time during piloting. You can also plan for survey delays by creating buffer days before you start. If you are conducting a nationwide survey, consider the transportation costs. For example, it would cost more to hire a small number of laboratory technicians to conduct the survey, which would increase the overall costs.

In addition to transportation costs, remember to consider the time you will need to get permission from local officials to complete the survey. Some areas require approval before the survey. If you’re unsure about this, consider sending printed letters to the appropriate contacts. Not communicating the survey plan can result in delays, putting off the field team. For instance, it may be necessary to use a helicopter or a boat to conduct the survey.

When purchasing survey equipment, consider the transportation needs of your survey team. Do they use public transportation exclusively, or do they need their cars? It may be necessary to rent a vehicle to get around in some locations. However, public transportation may not be available after dark when motorbikes and rented cars come into play. You should also consider the costs of additional equipment, which may incur other expenses. A surveyor’s travel time is one of the significant factors determining the equipment’s overall cost.


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