Factors to Consider When Choosing Paint Finish

Paint Finish

There are different types of paint finish to choose from. Each one has its own benefits depending on the space where you use it. To help you choose the right paint finish, here are the basic factors to consider.

Paint plays a huge role in beautifying a room as well as serving as a protective layer for the wall. With so many types of paint to choose from, it could be confusing which one is best for your home. Aside from the paint color, you also need to consider the type of finish it gives.

Ceiling Finish

Flat finish paint is good for ceilings but you could also opt for an eggshell finish if the ceiling is still smooth and flawless. Glossier paint works great since it reflects light a lot better and makes the room look brighter. Ceilings aren’t frequently cleaned because they are hard to reach. When choosing ceiling paint, it is important to consider a paint that doesn’t crack and wears well.

Kid-Friendly Finish

The walls in kids’ rooms are prone to get dirty and stained due to a variety of reasons – from crayons, watercolor, pencil marks, and many more. When choosing paint for a kid’s room. It is best to go for ones with an eggshell or satin finish since these paints could withstand more frequent cleanings and won’t wear out or chip off that easily. You could check out a Dulux paint shop to find all kinds of paints that would suit your different paint needs.

Paint Finish
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High Moisture Areas

Paint can easily get worn out in high moisture areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. However, you can counter this by choosing the right paint and paint finish for these areas. Paint with a semi-gloss finish is the most recommended for areas exposed to high moisture and steam since water just slides off the surface. Aside from that, dirt can’t stick much to surfaces with higher gloss making it a lot easier to clean and maintain.

High Gloss Finish

High gloss finishes are really beautiful and shiny. However, it is not recommended for all surfaces. Since it can make a space look uninviting especially when painted on the walls. High gloss paints are perfect to be used on small details or accents such as the trim or even the doors. Since high gloss paint can accentuate blemishes on a surface. It is important to prepare the surface first to make sure that it is smooth and flawless before applying the paint.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Basically, glossier paints are a lot easier to clean because dirt usually just slides off the surface. It could also withstand washing and cleaning a lot better compared to flat or eggshell finishes. Making it a better paint option for spaces that are more exposed to dirt and moisture.

When you choose the right paint finish. You can be sure that the paint would last longer and your newly painted space would look really better than before.

By Bilawal Zafar

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