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floor option

The floor type in your home is a huge decision, and to make the right decision; you need to know the type of flooring products that suits your needs and budget. Standard wood, laminate and vinyl flooring are common flooring options, but you still have several options to consider for your home or office.

Floor Options include:

Solid timber

Solid timber is a popular flooring option due to its prestigious, elegant look and sturdy feel. Most people prefer this option because it is practical and has a lot of character. Solid timber floors offer a classic look and give you a true statement piece.

Solid timber is a great choice for heavy and long-term use because it lasts for several years with the right maintenance and care. However, solid timber needs more maintenance than other floors because it undergoes changes from humidity and different elements.

Solid timber finishing options include oil and lacquer finishes. They require professional fitting, so not a perfect choice if you want to carry out the floor installation without professional help.

Engineered timber

Engineered timber offers the same benefits as solid timber but requires lesser maintenance and is easy to install. This flooring option is affordable, practical and attractive, making it a popular choice for DIYers and home owners. Another advantage for homeowners is engineered timber installation can be over a heating system

Engineered timber consists of several layers with a top Lamella in varying thickness. The thicker the top layer, the more times the engineered timber surface can be sanded. Ensure you consider the amount of wear the floor will withstand before opting for engineered timber flooring.


Laminate floors are easy to maintain, so they are perfect for active businesses and households that don’t intend to pay special attention to their flooring solution. Laminate flooring looks and feels like real wood, with a harder top and durable underlayer.

This flooring option strikes a balance between a gorgeous and authentic appearance and easy maintenance, unlike real timber flooring. The click lock system for laminate floor installation makes the installation process easy and quick.

Luxury vinyl planks

Luxury vinyl floors are easy to maintain and clean. They are available in several sleek and beautiful designs in various colours. Vinyl flooring is hard-wearing, highly durable and scratch-resistant.

If your floor is exposed to continuous wear, staining and dirt, a vinyl floor is a good option. With vinyl flooring, rooms with constant spillage and wet areas, such as laundries and bathrooms, are better.

Cleaning with a mop and water is sufficient for vinyl floors since water does not damage them like timber floors. Installation using the click lock system makes vinyl floor installation easy.

Strand woven bamboo

Strand woven bamboo is a natural hard-wearing flooring option. Its durability stems from the quality solid bamboo. Strand woven planks feel like standard hardwood flooring but are made using bamboo.

This option is environmentally friendly, versatile and tough. Different strands of woven bamboo styles and colours are available, offering higher strength and density than timber flooring. They can resist high traffic, and you can install them over concrete, tile and timber floors. Many people consider strand woven bamboo floors the next natural flooring generation because they have several unique features.

If you are unsure which floor options are best for your home or business place, feel free to contact our London carpet suppliers at M&M Carpet Contractors to help you make the right choice. Our suppliers will recommend the right options depending on your needs and budget.

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