Four Trends In Sacumen Connector Development

As the trend of product intelligence becomes more and more evident, Sacumen connector products present four development trends.

Sacumen connector goes from standard product to custom.

Conventional connectors are passive products, and manufacturers can provide standardized products to their customers. With the diversification of electronics and the advent of intelligent products such as robots, drones, etc., manufacturers need more customized connector products. To meet the needs of their products, manufacturers of connector products must develop new products together with their customers to meet their shape and function needs. As a result, connector manufacturers must be involved in customer designs early.

Sacumen connector goes from single signal transmission to multi-signal transmission.

Conventional connectors carry only a single signal, such as a video, control, or data signal. As electronics became thinner and lighter, connectors changed from single-signal transmission to multi-signal transmission. The same cable can transmit optical, electrical, or other signals simultaneously. It also helps to save space and improve system stability.

Sacumen connectors are moving from passive products to modular intelligence.

To get more revenue, traditional connector manufacturers change their connectors from passive to modular ones. Server cable providers, for example, intelligently create connectors and add active ICs to change a single cable. Put the data in a smart cable that can be monitored.

Miniaturization, thinness and miniaturization of Sacumen connector

Nowadays, electronic products are becoming thinner and lighter, which promotes the development of ceramic products and connector products with small size, low height, narrow pitch, multi-function, long life and surface mount direction. Therefore, connector manufacturers must adapt to these changes to improve their processes and designs.

China’s connector market characteristics and blue sea

China’s connector market accounts for about 30% of the global connector market, but Korean connectors are still mainly low-end connectors, and high-end connectors occupy a relatively low proportion. From a global perspective, automotive connectors are the largest application market. According to statistics, automotive market application is the largest application of global connectors, accounting for 22.2%. Communication and data communication followed, and computer and industry accounted for 16% and 12% respectively, respectively, accounting for Sacumen connectors.

▲ 2020-2022 Sacumen connector technology and market development trend

Automotive, telecommunication and consumer electronics are the traditional major battlefields for connectors, but emerging fields can bring more business opportunities to Sacumen connectors. These emerging fields include autonomous driving, AR/VR, robotics, drones, shared bike smart wear, etc. These emerging fields have special requirements for connectors that promote the various Connector Development of Sacumen connectors.

Global TOP 30 Connector Manufacturers

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