Fun Games With Electric Cars For Kids

Have you bought one or several electric cars for children for your little ones? Surely they have already gone out for a walk with them many times… Have you considered adding some fun game to driving the stroller?

One of the most attractive features of these children’s battery cars is that they offer endless game possibilities… Discover 5 fun games with electric cars for children to liven up your little ones’ leisure time in this post!

How to play with an electric car for children?

Driving the battery powered car for kids is the easy part! Do you dare to discover with your children new ways of having fun with their electric car for children? Creativity has no limits, so our 5 fun games with a children’s electric car can inspire you to create another 5 different ones. But for now, with these… Your little ones will have a great time! Discover our proposals below and prepare an afternoon full of fun for your little ones.

1. Electric car races

1 2 and 3! The countdown begins to reach the goal. Who will win? Now your little ones can organize children’s electric car races among themselves or with their little friends (always under the supervision of one or more adults, of course), and have a great time pointing out how many times the first ones arrive. They love to compete for everything! This game can be even more exciting if there is a prize for winning more than a certain number of times. For example, the one who reaches the finish line 3 times the first wins some chocolates or sweets, but if nobody succeeds, the prize is shared among all the kids. What is a good idea? This is one of the most successful games among mini electric car drivers!

2. Save the world on wheels!

Boys and girls have super flexible imaginations, so they easily adapt to different scenarios. This game consists of posing a situation to the little ones, with which they will create their own story, connecting it with the use of the battery car for children during the game. How? You can propose a situation like the following… If you have two children or a child who has a friend or a cousin, you can propose one to be the “policeman” and the other a “thief” (or draw papers); You will explain that the “thief” has “borrowed” a treasure that is not his, and will have to hide while the “policeman” searches for it with his electric car (we recommend buying the police car, if available, to do the job). We can also present other scenarios, such as two or more firefighters who must go to put out a fire in a hurry, either in their fire truck or in any other children’s electric car. The possibilities to choose new scenarios are limitless!

3. The game of chairs, on the move

Do you remember the game of chairs? A melody plays for a while, and all the participants dance. When the music stops, everyone must be seated, and the one who does not get it, is out of the classification. When children’s electric cars intervene, a MIX is made with the game of “English hide and seek “. We play like this: The little ones sit in their stroller and drive from one side to the other while the music plays. They can make sounds with the horn, turn on the music and the lights… Have as much fun as they can! Because… When the music stops everyone has to stop and be quiet. If one of the players drives or activates a sound, he does not go to the next phase. The winner gets a fun prize like a chocolate egg with a surprise, a confetti gun, candy… This game is great for birthday parties or gatherings of friends!

4. Road safety or obstacle circuit

Who says kids cars can’t be educational as well as fun? Take advantage of a day of good weather to prepare a circuit for children’s battery cars with simple traffic signs, such as STOP, traffic lights, zebra crossings… Your little one must follow the circuit respecting the road safety rules, learned before start to play. In addition, you can also transform the circuit into an obstacle course, making orange painted paper cones, for example. These are two games in one place, super entertaining!

Why are electric cars for kids so fun?

Battery-powered cars for children are state-of-the-art toys that are very entertaining and are becoming more and more fashionable. Do you know why? In this section we reveal some of the main reasons why these electric cars are so much fun and children like them so much.

They are very colorful and have super original designs

Did you know that there are officially licensed children’s cars from the most recognized brands such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover and many more? These toys are so special to kids because they look like real cars, so much so that kids feel like they’re driving just like mom and dad. They are very striking, with bright colors and very original details. Every boy and girl wants their own electric car!

Have many amazing features and extras

These battery-powered children’s cars have hilarious extras such as LED lights, opening doors, resistant rubber or plastic wheels… In addition, they also have real horn and starting sounds… They are super complete toys that surprise the smallest of ages! The house for its extraordinary characteristics!

Resistant, robust and durable

The children’s electric cars in our online store are made of very resistant recycled plastic, from the Pacific Ocean; in addition, they also present other materials of the highest quality, very robust and durable. They have very powerful batteries and motors that improve the driving experience of the little ones.

Many game possibilities

As you have discovered in this article, children’s battery cars offer many forms of play, from basic driving to the most fun scenario games. All your little ones need is creativity and a lot of fun while driving their cute kids cars!

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