Government is “pushing England’s universities out of teacher training” over leftist politics

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Leaders in higher education said this week they believed the government, was trying to push universities, out of teacher training for political reasons because ministers thought their education departments were “hotbeds of leftwing intellectualism” and full of “Marxists”.

initial teacher training providers

Under changes announced last summer, all initial teacher training, providers, in England must  had failed the first round of the, new accreditation process. The DfE said last week that just 80 providers, out of 216 who, are understood to have applied, had made the cut.

Those currently out in the cold include some from the, prestigious Russell Group. The University of Nottingham, a member of the elite group, said it was “very disappointed and perplexed” to have been failed only two months after, Ofsted rated it as, outstanding, with inspectors praising the “exceptional curriculum taught by experts”.

The University of Birmingham, which the Teaching, also failed the, first round of accreditation.

asked not to  in teacher education

They find it hard to believe, because of our track record.”

I told him I didn’t know how to convey my, frustration, that he was coming out with this rubbish.”

Prof David Spendlove, associate dean of Manchester, University’s faculty of human. initial education, departments, were all Marxists. Their influence hasn’t gone away.”

Spendlove believes the new process

Manchester passed the accreditation, but Prof Spendlove believes the new process is “damaging the very bedrock” of university, teacher education and it is now “harder to stay in it than to leave”.

He said: “This new DfE system risk,s destroying much existing high, quality teacher training. That would be a disaster for children who will be recovering from the educational devastation wrought.

rated outstanding both of which it said

Cambridge, which had more than.

Teaching unions have been warning for. many months that forcing providers to jump through new, bureaucratic hoops risks damaging the supply of teachers..

A report by the National Foundation for Educational, Research in March said. that a large range of secondary subjects, would not meet teacher recruit well such as English, biology and geography.

Prof Chris Husbands, the vice-chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University, whose initial teacher training provision people they should be aiming to keep.

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