Holistic Education in Malaysia: How Charterhouse Moulds an Ethical, Intellectual and Spiritual Student

Times have changed.

People have evolved.

Education in this day and age can be challenging

Let’s find out how the holistic education and three-dimensional curriculum at Charterhouse nurtures a student’s intellectual growth along with their ethical and spiritual development.

The three-dimensional curriculum at Charterhouse

In our mission to Study, Create and Inspire, Charterhouse Malaysia has always been stalwart in innovating robust and holistic curriculum to prepare students for the Cambridge International A level and IGCSE examinations – accepted by universities worldwide.

The high standards of teaching and scholarship at Charterhouse Malaysia drives intellectual development. The school maintains small classes with an emphasis on independent study and research

Holistic Education

A day in the life of a Carthusian

Students acquire ethical understanding by identifying and investigating the nature of ethical concepts, values and reasoning. Participating in community projects teaches them to develop respect for others and learn to act with ethical integrity. In an environment that respects the individual and relationships, students develop compassion and mindfulness, which promotes the development of the ultimate human qualities leading to spiritual development.


Holistic Education

Intellectual, Ethical and Spiritual development of the student

Through holistic education, Charterhouse Malaysia prepares students to meet the demands of university life and beyond. We believe intellectual development is not just limited to academic intelligence and the accumulation of knowledge. It includes being smart about people, understanding, thinking, feelings, situations and oneself.

Our training of the mind through the Spectra Smarts approach aims to develop the full scope of interwoven human intelligence. Students learn to explore a different aspect of human intelligence every week using sources of wisdom from around the world.

Explore, they use research skills to consider the barriers to solving the problem; Apply, they prototype possible solutions; Value, they refine their work based on feedback from their peers, teachers and the community; and Exhibit, they launch their finished product.

To promote ethical and spiritual development, Charterhouse emphasises independent learning projects and commitment to service to get the students active in the community. The independent learning programme encourages students to reach out and go into the community, interact with the people, work with them to identify the challenges and come up with solutions. In this way, they learn to have a real and meaningful impact on the community they are in and carry the valuable life lessons with them, be it in the university or their workplace in the future.

Holistic Education

Charterhouse is not just academics – it’s the mind, body & soul

The culture of Charterhouse is designed in a way that nurtures independence, maturity and responsibility to best prepare students for the transition to university. A focus on interdependence and interconnectedness among the students, the school and the local community, instil respect for strong relationships and the value of good community ties.

Holistic Education Holistic Education
Charterhouse gives its students opportunities within the school

through projects in the wider community to make a difference and inspire others.

Our teachers are trained in techniques to develop

independent thinkers and our intelligence-based curriculum prepares students to think critically,

creatively and inquisitively about the information they acquire.


Holistic Education

The era of AI and robotics calls for people who will be able to manage interpersonal relationships

successfully cooperate and collaborate with othersunderstand the process of learning and be committed lifelong learners; be physically healthy and active, and be compassionate and caring towards others.

We refer to these five qualities – connect, notice, learn, move and give – as “Five for Life”,



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