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How can an agency guarantee your international study?

With world going through great challenges in recent years, young professionals increasingly need to develop new skills to stand out in the job market.

In addition to a good degree and many extension courses, companies are looking for dynamic and multifunctional people, fluent in other languages and, preferably, with international experience.

Nowadays, there are many facilities and a world of options for young people to study and work abroad. For this reason, young people are increasingly targeting cultural exchanges around the world. And when it comes to learning English fluently, Australia and New Zealand are among the top study destinations.

Both countries have excellent education networks for foreigners, in addition to having excellent infrastructure and public safety. The seasons in Oceania coincide with those in Brazil and the weather is also not a problem, as the main cities in these countries have pleasant temperatures, sometimes a little colder in winter.

However, how can you be sure of the courses you are choosing? Do you know which are the best educational institutions? What is the destination that will perfectly fit your objective? Whether the institutions will fulfill what was promised at the time of contracting the service?

Anyway, the doubts and decisions are many. If you want to study in Oceania, keep reading this article and discover how a specialized agency can help you make your dreams come true.

Talk to those who know about the subject

When you hire a good agency to study abroad, you know that you will be counting on a professional service. Choose an education agency specialized in your destination and count on consultants who will guide your trip, who have already lived in the countries and taken the same courses you are looking for.

A good conversation with those who know the subject will clear up your doubts, expand your range of options and help you make the best decision. The most respected companies in the industry have online service, which avoids unnecessary travel and speeds up processes before leaving. Also look for an agency that has offices in the country you want to study, this will help a lot with your adaptation to your new routine and you will also have closer support during your study.

Get support with documentation

To live in Oceania, you must first submit the documents required by the country where you want to exchange. Study and tourist visas must be applied for without errors in filling out the forms and with all fees paid.

All this bureaucracy can become a huge headache before you even set foot outside your home country. So, why spend energy and money on something you don’t master?

Leave the paperwork with an agency that understands the subject and will make your life a lot easier.

For example, you decide to apply for a visa to Australia yourself. As it is the first time dealing with this kind of bureaucracy, the chance of making a mistake in the paperwork is huge. With the visa denied, you will have to pay the entire process once again, in addition to the time you will have to wait to file the documents again.

Choose the best educational institution

In your first academic experience outside Brazil, how will you know which is the best school to study?

With the help of a specialized education agency, which has contacts with the best educational institutions in both Australia and New Zealand, you will know all the options available.

This will help you decide on a school that meets your needs, such as what fluency level you are aiming for, the city you want to stay in, the time you will have to work and enjoy the place, etc.

Don’t waste your money for nothing

Many people imagine that hiring an education agency’s guidance will increase their travel costs. However, this is not true.

Counting on a serious company committed to the success of your investment, your venture will end up being cheaper. As it knows the shortcuts to the best exchange programs, the agency manages to reduce its costs and also facilitate payments, which can be paid in installments according to its possibilities.

Count on help and security in the exchange

Imagine that you are on the other side of the world and you have to face an emergency. These things occur, no one can predict what will happen in life.

Wouldn’t it be much worse to be alone in a country far from your country, without the help of your family and friends, with another language and with a very different culture? Therefore, it is essential that the education agency hired has representatives in the place where you are going to live.

Find the best accommodation in your destination

Without the help of a specialized education consulting company, how are you going to find a good place to stay in Australia or New Zealand?

Agencies offer many accommodation options, including helping with documentation and contacting tenants. The most common options are:

  • homestay: the student stays with a local family;
  • student residence and hostel: these are houses shared by several students from all over the world;
  • Property rental: this is a good option for those who are going on a longer exchange (like a year) and prefer to live alone or with a colleague.

Don’t worry about your arrival

By having an education agency, the student will also have full support on arrival at their destination.

The agency will be able to organize the transfer service and there will be a person waiting for you at the airport to take you to the place where you will be staying. There’s no need to go through trouble in the first moments of your exchange, like getting lost in the new city.

These companies also support you with health insurance and pre-departure guidance, as well as helping you to get your first job in Australia or New Zealand.

Did you see how having a specialized agency will make your exchange more secure? Find a company you trust to organize your trip and just focus on evolving personally and professionally.

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