How can an agency help you get a job abroad?

Do you dream of having an international experience? So, it’s time to plan your exchange! But don’t be afraid if you have a lot of unanswered questions in your head, because in this article you’ll discover how an agency can help you find a job abroad.

In addition to helping with the adaptation of the curriculum to the molds of the destination country, access to job vacancies and useful tips and information regarding the necessary documentation, an agency can also assist in adapting to the new routine, with workshops and support from representatives locations. Want to understand better about it? Keep reading!

Why choose an agency based in the destination country?

First of all, make sure the agency you are dealing with is based in the country as this will help you in your job search! And you want to know why? Agencies based in countries such as Australia, have more contact with foreign reality and can help international students with bureaucratic issues and to have an international curriculum.

In addition, finding an education agency specialized in the destination is the safest way to have everything you need in less time. Because the contract includes a package with air tickets, accommodation, health insurance, school, among other essential things for your trip to be a success.

Not to mention the expertise that consultants who already live in the study destination have and that will certainly help you a lot in this new experience.

Well, now that we clarified this point, read on and see how an agency can help you when getting a job abroad!

Help with visa and other bureaucracy

It is not enough to be determined to study abroad, you must have all the information to get your dream off the ground. One of the first impasses that the international students face before traveling is the visa. This is essential for people who want to study and work in countries like Australia and New Zealand, for example.

However, there are details that you should pay attention to and that an agency can help you sort out easily. To enter the countries of Oceania, international students can apply for a student visa, with a work permit parallel to their studies and, with that, be able to dedicate themselves to their studies and still have extra money.

Currently, the student visa is one of the most requested by people who go to Oceania, as it allows the students, in addition to being enrolled in a course (whether language, undergraduate or postgraduate), also to engage in a paid activity – in Australia for 40 h fortnightly and in New Zealand for 20 h a week.

The visa is what will guarantee you to work legally abroad (with a work permit and a limit of hours) and, with the help of a specialized education agency, it is much easier to organize your documentation.

Assistance in adapting the curriculum

If you really want to make a good impression on your future boss, invest in your resume! The CV is the first contact with your employer, but you have to be careful not to fall into traps. In Oceania, for example, there are some issues that differ from your home country when it comes to employment, starting with what you put on your resume.

In countries like Australia and New Zealand, it is important that you prepare specific CVs for the position you are looking for. Another thing: it is essential to be frank in your CV! If you do not have an advanced level in English, do not lie saying that you are fluent in that language or that you have previous experience in Brazil in the role you are applying for.

But stay calm! An education agency with support in the destination country can help you with this, as it has dedicated professionals who dominate the professional scene abroad. They usually offer workshops for students who want to have a better chance of getting a job and start earning extra income abroad!

And why are these workshops important? In the case of Australia, the international student must have specific certificates to work in certain areas. The RSA (Responsible Service Alcohol) that allows you to work in the sale of alcoholic beverages and the Senior First Aid, to learn first aid when working in a role that deals with children and the elderly.

In addition, this type of agency also offers tips for getting a job in the countries of Oceania and supports young people to prepare an English version of their CV. However, it is necessary for you to know that, in general, it is common for the international student’s first job abroad to be in hotels, restaurants and cafes.

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