How CureMD Beats its Contenders?

How CureMD Beats its Contenders?

CureMD is coined as the heartbeat of the medical industry. This intuitive healthcare provider wins the hearts of millions with its dedicated care services. But most providers still doubt whether it’s true or just a vague statement. Today we will prove it to you by presenting a detailed overview of CureMD EMR in close comparison with ElationEHR. We have chosen Elation EHR because it closely follows CureMD as it offers compatible services.


Headquartered in New York, CureMD is a leading provider of healthcare services. It is an award-winning EHR platform that drives potential care outcomes. CureMD EMR is all about saving lives by transforming traditional care operations. Complying with the medical industry rules and regulations, it streamlines all running operations. As a result, it enhances the efficiency of clinical practices in one go, ultimately saving the golden time of practitioners.

Physicians believe investing in CureMD EHR means handing over your practice to safe hands. That’s why it is the first choice of over 30,000 practices and has ranked top in KLAS for being the best ambulatory care platform. CureMD truly cures medical practices by eliminating all inefficiencies from the clinical workflow. In addition, it boosts the productivity of clinical administrators by featuring digitized tools and services.

Salient Features of CureMD:

We all know CureMD EHR offers a diverse range of features. Out of them, some are awe-inspiring as they enable practitioners to beat their competitors by staying ahead of the market trends. No doubt all features of CureMD are designed on a proactive approach. But, here, we have covered the distinctive ones that outsmart all other EHR vendors, including Elation EMR, its rival.

Mobile Access:

Inclined at improving care coordination, CureMD EHR software has extended its services to iPad and iPhone with Avalon EHR. It allows for communication and data access beyond barriers that strengthen the patient-physicians relation. Avalon is seamlessly integrated with the EHR module so clients can view updated data files even on the go. Not only that but creating new patient charts is also possible, along with reviewing them. Avalon is ranked as the world’s top mobile EHR, for it even supports voice dictation through Siri.

Vaccine Management:

One of the most intuitive features of CureMD EHR is its vaccine management system. As this software is about curing humanity, it administers the best possible ways to improve care delivery services. The vaccine management system of CureMD is a plus because it increases patient outreach and offers an outcome monitoring facility. An automated immunization registry submission service is offered nationwide for better care management.

MIPS Portal:

MIPS portal is one of the top perks of implementing CureMD EHR software. With the quality payment program, this robust software keeps the performance threshold to a maximum. Using it, the practitioner can’t fall behind in the MIPS score as CureMD EMR keeps them on track. The vendor makes providers members of the MIPS registry so they can stay updated on all legislative amendments. Setting benchmarks and payment adjustment points uplifts the MIPS score of practices by almost 47.75 points. This is why it withholds an unparalleled position in the market.

Elation EMR-The Top Contender of CureMD

A short overview of ElationEHR is all you need to assess CureMD in context to its top contenders. Elation and CureMD have closely competed with EHR since day one as they both are mobile-first care platforms.

Elation is a primary care EHR solution that roots for sustainable growth of practices. It drives practitioners to heights of success by transforming clinical norms. Elation is the second name of flexibility and customizability. It supports the patient cycles from the ground up for all independent physicians. It is because it has been working as a reliable healthcare partner since its conception.

Elation EMR Reviews:

Built for the ease of primary care physicians, Elation EMR enjoys quality reviews. Clients laud this platform for how elegantly it handles not just the payment stream but the entire financial aspect of practices. Also, reviews suggest that Elation EMR holds itself liable for delivering first-rate care to patients. Thus it is considered a better technology partner. Evaluate the Elation EMR reviews yourself to understand how it worked for other physicians.

CureMD vs Elation Health EMR: The Differences

Understanding this concept will become easier if we state the differences openly. Therefore, we have highlighted the main aspects in which CureMD EMR excels.

Mobile App:

The mobile app of Elation EMR is also of great significance, just like CureMD. But it is not as effective as that of CureMD. For instance, it doesn’t support voice recognition. However, clients can use it to upload documents on the go, review patient data, and compose patient letters. Besides, there are push notifications in the Elation EMR app so providers can know when they get updated files.


Vaccine Management:

This service is not present in Elation EMR. That’s one more reason why CureMD EHR software scores the ground. It wouldn’t be an understatement to say CureMD EHR offers more innovative and tech-savvy features than ElationEHR.

Pricing Structure:

Elation EMR and CureMD EMR differ from the pricing perspective too. CureMD has not shared its pricing plan, but it is available upon request. For all we know, it offers a monthly subscription. As for Elation EMR, it provides annual and monthly subscription tiers. The details of the pricing bundles of Elation EMR are also shared on its official website. Its price range varies from $275 to $399 per month. There are three pricing plans, and Elation EMR offers an annual subscription discount on all.

Our Thoughts:

Elation EMR is second to none, for it even offers an integrated mobile app for smooth data processing. But CureMD is a better option if we look at it from a broader perspective. It is a specialty-driven EMR, not just a primary care solution like Elation. Also, its services like vaccine management set it apart from all vendors in the market. So, what else is there to know? But if you have any queries about the features of CureMD EHR or anything else, we are here to assist you.


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