How does social media influence the customer’s hotel/resort selection?

The importance of social media has risen dramatically in recent years. We cling to social media for everything, from picking a job to selecting a holiday destination to choose a hotel or resort to stay at. It’s all because social media provides better recommendations and ratings, allowing us to get the best of everything. Social media has evolved into a critical source of guidance. A genuine and trustworthy buddy who offers sound counsel. 

While a variety of social media platforms are employed, they are most often used to social media platforms for tourism and hospitality, including:

Social media affects customers’ Hotel choices: 

The following are some of the ways that social media affects customers’ Hotel choices: 

Reviews from customers

The first and the most important way social media impacts a traveler’s choice is through the reviews they share. Consumers trust information from other travelers on social media more than knowledge from official tourist websites, brokers, or advertising in mainstream media. 


Nowadays, clients choose hotels and resort primarily based on the reviews that the establishment receives from its visitors. The rating of a single guest has no bearing on the hotel’s overall rating. The average rating supplied by each new guest is used to determine the social media rating. This average rating has a significant influence on people’s decisions and attitudes when it comes to staying in a specific place. 

Visual materials

This is a critical aspect that influences the customer’s decision. The visuals are images that property owners and guest posts on social media sites. The more gorgeous and exciting the photos are, the more people will visit the location. Visual material is vital in the hotel business since it plays an essential role in the hotel business and plays a necessary part in the selection. Every visitor looking for a hotel or resort wants luxury at a reasonable price. Thus the more glamorous the photographs are, the more likely the guest will arrive. 

Offers and discounts

The use of social media to share the special discounts and offers that hotels are willing to give up is crucial. Typically, the hotel business uses public media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to share limited-time unique, engaging sites on all of these platforms. When the guest sees a fantastic discount, he or she is unable to refuse and makes a reservation. 

Every hotel or resort strives to have as many guests and visitors daily. 

Several methods for gaining more consumers or influencing customers are written below:

Participate in social media

Being active entails posting intriguing new photos, offers, and special discounts, among other things. Social media is quite busy these days and is a crucial source for decision-making to attract more clients. Any website with appealing and enticing photographs can attract many visitors, increasing the number of visitors. Inactive accounts can get less attention. 

Publish a calendar of future events

Customers who keep information about upcoming activities at hotels and resorts are more likely to return. Live cricket matches, parties for various events, etc. It should be updated regularly on social media to attract those already interested in similar activities.

Curate one-of-a-kind travel experiences

An article on enjoyable things that can be done while staying at a specific location is guaranteed to attract more visitors. Conduct an extensive study and share your findings on social media to inspire other guests to participate in similar events. 

Upload photos of hotel workers

Displaying numerous photos of hotel staff working hard to ensure your positive and delightful stay is a definite approach to sway the guest’s choice.

Platforms to use for hotel social media marketing

There are several advantages to using social media for hotel marketing. With the right plan, all social media channels can unleash your hotel’s booking potential by inspiring customers to travel. Keep in mind each social media network is unique and may use for various objectives. Because Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have the most active users, hoteliers must include these platforms in their social media agency India

Marketing on Facebook

Travel is the topic on which 43% of Facebook users post more than almost any other event in their life. Facebook now boasts a monthly active user base of over 2 billion people. It should be a key component of your hotel’s Facebook marketing services. You should utilize this platform to interact directly with your present and potential consumers and better market your business. Here are some suggestions for using your hotel’s Facebook page to attract new customers and re-engage old ones. 

  • You should select an outstanding cover photo for your Facebook page based on factors that distinguish your hotel. 
  • Businesses may add new tabs to the platform to cross-reference other social media outlets and websites. 
  • To assist your potential clients in learning more about your service, you should include several tabs on your profile menu: rooms, map, deals, Facebook hotel booking, TripAdvisor reviews, Instagram feed, etc. 
  • You may upload a wide range of stuff here to appeal to many audiences. You may upload videos, and polls, organize contests, launch sponsor advertising campaigns, organize competitions, and more. 

Marketing on Instagram

Seventy-six percent of tourists upload images of their travels on Instagram, so it has a lot of promise as a hotel marketing tool. Instagram is an excellent platform for showcasing what you have to offer, such as hotel rooms, cuisine, services, amenities, neighboring attractions, and tourist locations. Because this social media platform is based on visual material, it’s critical to share gorgeous, high-quality photographs that will entice visitors to stay at your hotel and spend time in the neighborhood. You should have to engage followers and users to follow you and help you. 

Marketing on Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic social media platform for engaging with customers and presenting user-generated material. You may use Twitter to keep guests up to date on current events and engage them during their stay. Many hotels utilize Twitter to provide customer service by responding to questions from their visitors. Here are some pointers for increasing the number of Twitter followers for your hotel. 

  • Respond to every tweet and retweet of your material. Participate in conversations with your followers and join discussions started by other users to spread the word about your company.
  • Inform and give material that your followers will find helpful. Hotel updates, special discounts, and intriguing local stories can tweet. 
  • Keep your visitors engaged. You may request that your guests furnish you with information on their Twitter accounts for special discounts. You may also obtain permission from your users to photograph them. 


Social media is a significant factor in a customer’s decision-making process in today’s world. It aids in deciding on a particular location based on visual content and consumer feedback available on social media; moreover, such items are seen as neutral, relatable, and trustworthy. 

Everybody wants to be comfortable, and a website with many comfort evaluations is bound to attract more visitors. Social media aids in the creation of a mental image of a particular location in the mind of the client, which influences the booking choice. It has a significant influence on the guests’ decision-making process.

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