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How often does a Car Air Conditioning Need to be serviced?

A car air conditioning unit is a useful facility within luxurious cars. In the absence of these units, travelling in the car without conscious of how hot it is usually outside becomes impossible. Many people take this unit for granted and hardly make it part of car servicing sessions or general car checking. But its importance is realized only when this system is out of order. 

Many car air conditioning specialists recommend servicing it every two years to keep it functional for a long period. 

Why is it important to keep your car’s air conditioning unit clean? 

Your car air-conditioning system is not only responsible for keeping the car’s temperature down. Rather, it has other uses as well.

During operation, engine friction and combustion generate heat. The heat produce is dissipate by the exhaust system. However, there is still some amount of heat that remains. The heat is released into the environment. But on cold days, this heat is required by the passengers in the car. For this purpose, the heat is redirected into the car with the help of the air-conditioning system. 

Moreover, if the conditioning system of the car is not working well, your car’s engine could overheat and may even fail. This is not all. The car’s air-conditioning unit is responsible for defogging and defrosting the windshields. It lowers the risk of accidents, on winter days, by reducing blurred visions as much as possible.

Thus, this unit should also be thoroughly look after to keep it well-functioning. Regular maintenance helps to guarantee refrigerant and lubricant levels, lowering the risk of compressor failure. Furthermore, the most common air conditioning system problems involve minor issues such as blockages or leaks, which are much easier to deal with if discovered early during routine maintenance. Also, regular A/C maintenance can improve your car’s fuel efficiency.


An air-conditioning system is much more complicated than most people think. The system comprises components, including the blower fan, thermostat, and heater core, usually located in a difficult-to-reach area beneath the dashboard. It can take days to repair if minor issues are not resolve instantaneously. It is not something you can do yourself. It is better to maintain the system, so it continues to retain its performance.

Another important thing is that COVID spreads through the air as we know that air-conditioning system circulates air. It is important to disinfect this unit so no viruses can make the AC unit a habitat for their growth. 

What does Air Conditioning Maintenance Package Include? 

At service stations, air conditioning maintenance includes many trivial operations which need careful handling. Here are a few things that a professional garage should offer you as part of your car’s Air conditioning maintenance. 

  • A thorough examination of the system for flaws such as leaks.
  • Refilling refrigerant and oils to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Clean the air conditioner to remove odours.
  • Evaluating the system’s output

When you bring your vehicle in, technicians will measure the amount of pressure in your system, and if it’s low, they’ll add enough to bring the reading up to your manufacturer’s specifications.

They will then run your car with the A/C on high for a few minutes and use a special thermometer to measure the system’s output.

If it is not within the required range, you may leak somewhere in your system.

If there is a Leak

Repairing a leak is more difficult than you might think. Your technician will connect your car to a special refrigerant recovery system and drain any harmful gas from it. The technician will inspect all of your air conditioning hard lines for visible cracks. They may add a tracer dye to the system.

The bad news is that leaks can be difficult to locate, and tracer dye isn’t always successful. The good news is that your costly hard lines are typically made of aluminium and rarely fail. Instead, one of your system’s components is most likely to blame. It could be a compressor that is doubt first. 

Symptoms that display your car air-conditioner is failing 

Certain symptoms show that your car’s air-conditioning and heating system are not working at their perfect level. 

If your AC is circulating hot air, it signifies that the blower motor has failed. If the heater is blowing cold air, you may need to refill the coolant. It could also point at the heater’s failure only. 


Before summer, the best time to get your air conditioning systems properly serviced. Driving across the smallest distance could become problematic if your car’s air conditioning system gives up during the peak summertime. Plus, timely service could help you save money as a good air conditioning system also guarantees a stable fuel efficiency. So, enjoy a good driving experience while saving up some money. 


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