How to Build Trust With Your Beer Packaging

How to Build Trust With Your Beer Packaging

Your beer package should be unique and exciting. This way, people will remember your beer brand and style, making them more inclined to try your beer. In this article, you will discover some easy-to-implement ideas for beer packaging. They will also learn how to create a QR code, utilize folding cartons, and design a beer label. Keep reading for more tips! 

Designing a unique beer label

A beer brand’s packaging design should tell as much as possible about the product, including the taste profile, occasion, and brand ethos. The label’s design must be simple, memorable, and versatile and evoke the right emotions in consumers. The label should also appeal to the eye. After all, the beer label is the most visible part of the product.

Craft breweries must convey the brand’s personality through their beer labels. It’s not enough to use a colourful label with a simple message. Instead, it’s imperative to include an enticing story that draws people in. The beer label should contain graphics that tell a story about the brand’s history. The colour and graphics should be appropriate for the product’s market offering while contrasting with its main competitors.

Creating a QR code

Beer-related brands can benefit from a QR Code. In addition to helping consumers find the beer they are looking for, a QR code can also promote sales. For example, the Old College Brewery has QR Codes on every beer can, and consumers who scan the code can learn more about the beer. To create a QR Code for your beer brand, use Scanova, an online Product QR Code Generator. Scanova allows you to create a QR Code for any product you wish to promote. 

Another excellent use for a QR code is in beer packaging. A beer brand can place a code on its cans for consumers to scan and get tips and recipes on how to enjoy the beverage. Alternatively, a beer brand can add a QR Code to its packaging to connect customers with others who share similar tastes. 

Another great way to increase sales is integrating a QR Code on beer packaging. This code will enable customers to easily access your brand’s website, social media accounts, blog pages, photo galleries, and behind-the-scenes videos. QR codes guarantee at least 80% more scans when appropriately used. If you place a QR Code on a beer bottle, you can expect to receive up to 80% more clicks.

A QR Code on a beer bottle or can is a great way to create brand trust. You can use a free online QR code generator to create a custom code. QRcodeChimp is an example of a trusted service that provides highly customizable QR codes with various design and print options. Once you’ve designed your code, you can use it to promote your brand and collect feedback.

Using folding cartons

Mother cartons are an excellent option for craft beer packaging. They can also be die-cut to create coasters, windows, and other features, giving the packaging an impressive range of options. Corrugated paperboard can also make short-term coolers and is safe for ink. When used with a custom design, corrugated beer packaging can be an eye-catching and effective way to build brand trust.

Folding cartons offer many benefits, including brand-enhancing and security. The product is packaged in the most appealing way possible for consumers. Moreover, folding cartons are environmentally friendly, and they are also recyclable. Many companies are using them for brand building. And because they are convenient packaging, folding cartons can influence a consumer’s decision-making process. However, folding cartons are not as popular as their non-folding counterparts.

Today, beer packaging by Luminar is evolving to serve as an excellent platform for brands. With the help of technology and marketing genius, brands are implementing new strategies to develop a strong affinity with their customers. While some are extensions of well-established trends, others are charting new paths. Brands need to consider the ever-changing environment of counterfeit goods. With more products being sold online, counterfeiters have become more sophisticated. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on counterfeit goods every year. To make a lasting impression on your customers, you must make sure your folding cartons are aesthetically appealing and structurally sound.

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