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Care for your leather shoes may seem difficult, but it’s very durable if you give it only a little affection. Properly caring for your leather shoes (whether boots, dress shoes and casual shoes) is really a matter of two fundamental principles that are to keep them clean and dry. A few easy steps can greatly increase the life span of your shoes.

How to care for your shoes

Store your shoes

A poplar or cedar plant for shoes is possibly the most crucial aspect of maintaining your shoe, and it’s often the least-known step. The leather is porous, which means it absorbs odour and moisture and eventually causes it to degrade. The shoe tree absorbs this smell and moisture while keeping the proper shape of the shoe to stop creasing. You can extend the lifespan of your shoes significantly with only this one step.

Polish them 

As you wouldn’t desire your leather become too wet, you don’t want to let it dry out as it could break. We’ve all heard it. It’s fickle. There is an easy method to maintain an appropriate balance: Apply the polish on your shoes every six days or as often as you like. Shoe polish aids in moisturizing the leather, while also providing an additional layer of protection that repels water and dust. It also helps restore colour and conceals scratches and blemishes.

It is up to you to choose whether you want the wax as well as cream polish (or both). Cream is more moisturizing than wax and gives a natural look. Polish made of wax offers slightly more protection and more shine, but it may be drying. It is recommended to start with a cream before adding wax to finish however the final choice is yours based on the look you prefer. Apply polish on clean shoes by circling them with the microfiber fabric. If you’re willing to go that extra mile, employ a pig’s hair brush to apply it further. You can finish with a polishing brush and glove to smooth the shoe to bring back the shine.

Clean them after each wear

Keep a shoes brush or microfiber cloth in your bag and make sure your shoes get a quick wash after each use. This prevents any debris or dirt getting in the shoe as time passes which will prevent the need to deal staining later. After cleaning dry shoes properly.

Avoid inclement weather 

This is a given however, if possible, do not wear leather shoes during a rainstorm and do not wander through salty and snow-covered walkways during winter. Water may stain even waterproof leather shoes and the soles of shoes are more susceptible to rough concrete surfaces when they are they’re wet. If you are certain that you’ll need put them on in the snow or rain you should wear a pair galosh to keep them safe everywhere. We suggest keeping an extra couple of Swims at home as well as in your car in the event of. If your shoes end up getting damp, avoid the urge to dry them by the radiator or in a window. Heat and sunlight can cause cracks and damage to leather. It is best to let them air out in their own air (with the help of a shoes tree) for a few days.

Store shoes in a dust bag 

Dust can get into shoes made of leather with time, leading to discoloration and staining. If you don’t plan to wear your shoes regularly put them in a dust bag to keep them safe and let them breathe. — There are other things you can do to prolong the lifespan of your footwear, like applying leather conditioner or going to a cobbler to rejuvenate them however these six easy steps will take care of the majority all the work. You’ll be amazed at how long your shoes will last if you care for them properly. them.

Don’t wear your shoes everyday

Leather must breathe as does your skin. It is essential to keep at minimum two pairs of footwear in your daily rotation so that you don’t have to use the exact pair of shoes every day. Your feet sweat through the day (facts are factual) and the material absorbs the moisture. Dry leather is more prone to stretching, scuffing staining and creasing. Wearing them each day will give them ample time to dry, thereby increasing the life of your footwear by a substantial amount.


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