How to Choose the Right Humidifier for Your Needs

Having a humidifier can be an absolute game-changer for your health and also the health of your home. When you have the right humidifier for your home, you will be able to achieve the perfect balance of humidity and moisture in the air. This, in turn, will help support a range of health issues that includes your sinuses, skin, and even respitory problems.

But it is also important to remember that not all humidifiers are created equal. While there are some like the humidifier ultrasonic that is amongst the very best you could get, there are also others that may not be as great or the right fit for your home specifically.

To help you sort through the range of humidifiers out there and ensure that you choose the very best one possible, we have rounded out the top tips to consider when you go shopping for one. From the type of design to the brand you purchase from, the details matter when it comes to making your humidifier purchasing decisions.

Here are all the top tips for choosing the humidifier that will suit your specific needs—and budget.

1. Know the Design You Want

As we mentioned at the start, not all humidifiers are created equal. In fact, there is a range you can choose from, with the humidifier ultrasonic being amongst the premium designs you can choose from. In general, there are four designs to choose from.

An evaporative humidifier will use a fan to blow out and then send the moisture into the room. This type of mist is cool and is on the inexpensive side. But this model requires you to clean it quite frequently.

Then there is the impeller humidifier, which uses a motor to diffuse and disperse water. While the quality of the mist they produce is great, they can be a little bit noisy at times.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are some of our personal favorites, as they use an ultrasonic frequency to create the mist. It is both effective and functional, making it a logical purchase for many homes.

The last type of humidifier is a steam vaporizer. It disperses warm mist into the air and relies on the creation of vapor to do so. However, the heat can pose a risk if your home has kids or pets who could knock it over.

2. Choose from Cool or Warm Mist

Different humidifiers will use different types of mist. While warm mist used to be really popular, cold mist options are provided to be just as effective as well. Warm mist is able to better support the use of essential oils and is quieter. But as we alluded to earlier, they can be risky if you have kids or pets.

On the other hand, cool mist humidifiers are more energy efficient and also tend to get more reach throughout the house. They are a bit more expensive, but because they eliminate the risk of getting burned, are a worthwhile investment for many households.

3. Select the Right Size

The right size humidifier is important if you want it to function properly in the room you want it in. There are numerous sizes to choose from, all of which equally have various water-holding tank sizes as well. Some are small enough to sit on a desk, whereas others can take up a good portion of the room.

You do not always need the largest-sized humidifier to get the best result. You want to find one that provides you with the perfect balance of functionality and ease of upkeep. Because the bigger the humidifier is, the bigger the effort it will be to keep it clean and bacteria-free.

4. Pick One with Good Control Features

The control features are really important for a humidifier as well. This means that you can select a variety of moisture speeds and intensities, allowing you to be precise with your humidity settings. The automatic features do all the monitoring for you, which means that you do not have to do all the hard work required to get the right balance of humidity in the air.

5. Noise Levels Matter

Depending on what room in the house you plan on putting your humidifier in, you will want to consider the noise levels. The last thing you want to have is a noisy humidifier in your bedroom as you are trying to drift off to sleep. Instead, you should opt for a silent option in the spaces you want peace and quiet.

The humidifiers that do use a fan or make noise can still be beneficial in other rooms, as they create a white noise that is soothing and can drown out other sounds.


There are numerous things to consider when getting a humidifier. But the most important decision to make is that you are going to invest in your well-being and bring one into your home.

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