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How to Exchange BTC to ETN With Godex

Bitcoin, despite being the most expensive cryptocurrency, is an extremely volatile asset. Its price may change up to 20% daily, and no one can predict when the next increase or decrease will happen. This may be a reason why there is no better time than now when it comes to crypto investing. Today, we will discuss a BTC to ETN pair.

In this article, you will read about the most important trading aspects, why you should use Godex, and how to exchange BTC to ETN in a few clicks.

Things to Consider Before Exchanging BTC for ETN

Before converting BTC to ETN, there are some things you need to take into account:

  • Current prices of both coins. Currently, both assets are facing a great decrease in price. As of June 2022, Bitcoin lost 70% of its value, while Electroneum lost 15% of its value.
  • Price trends. The bearish run started in April 2022. During the first five months of 2022, we can clearly see that both BTC and ETN were becoming cheaper every month.
  • Price predictions. Experts say that both cryptocurrencies will recover from this decrease. There is still a big possibility that BTC will return to its $60 million price mark or even overcome it. Experts also predict that the price of 1 ETN may reach the $0.007 price mark.
  • Reliability of exchange platforms. Another vital part of an exchange process is to choose a proper platform. It should answer all your needs and be reliable. Remember, shady platforms may be nothing but a fraud created to steal your funds.
  • Transaction fees. After you choose an exchange platform, make sure to check its transaction fees. Platforms with low to no fees are the best options.

Why Is Godex the Right Choice?

There are several reasons why you should use Godex for crypto exchange. First of all, it is anonymous. You don’t need to create an account or verify your ID. When you enter your wallet address, it is not saved on a server, making it completely impossible to track your transactions. Secondly, Godex applies low exchange rates, which means that you will get a better deal than with any other exchange platform. Thirdly, you can exchange over 300 digital assets. All in all, you get a guaranteed fast, anonymous transaction with an intuitive user interface. So, why search for other platforms, when there is one that has everything you need?

How to Exchange BTC for ETN With Godex?

Here is a detailed instruction on how to exchange BTC to ETN on Godex:

  1. Select cryptocurrencies you wish to exchange (BTC in the left field and ETN in the right field).
  2. Enter the amount of coins you wish to sell or buy in one of the fields. There is no need to fill in both. Godex will do it automatically, using a relevant exchange rate.
  3. Fill in your wallet address details. This address won’t be saved by the platform, so you don’t need to worry about your privacy.
  4. You get a deposit link for coins you wish to sell.
  5. Now, you need to wait a little bit, until the transaction is confirmed. In the end, you will get a report with all the important details.

It takes 5-30 minutes on average to complete the transaction provided that you have a stable Internet connection.


Summing up, you should remember that cryptocurrency exchange shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you want to protect your data and your coins, you need to use a reliable service, such as Godex. BTC/ETN is an unpopular pair, that’s why you may not find it on the majority of exchange platforms. On Godex, you will find many rare pairs that you can trade at the most affordable rates.

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