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How To Find And Buy The Perfect Air Conditioner For Your Home?

Having an air conditioner installed in your house benefits you in various ways. It helps keep your home cooler in humid and tropical climates and helps regulate the inside temperature in drier and colder areas. Furthermore, air conditioners filter and ventilate the air, removing dust and reducing allergens. So, if you suffer from any kind of allergies or asthma, you should purchase and install an air conditioner in your room as soon as possible.

There are several varieties of air conditioners to select from while shopping online. Finding an ideal AC for a home can be a daunting task for some people. This article will help you know the many types of air conditioners available. Many factors to consider while purchasing an AC, such as types, cooling capacity, ease of installation, maintenance, room size, etc. Let us know about each one of them in detail.

The Capacity of the Air Conditioners

A 1.5-ton inverter AC which is more powerful in cooling than a 1-ton air conditioner, will undoubtedly cool the same size room faster. A 1.5-ton air conditioner provides 50% more cooling than a 1-ton air conditioner. If your room is more than 200 square meters, you should consider buying a 1.5-ton air conditioner.

Types of Air conditioners Available Online

Nowadays, most people prefer to buy their electronic appliances online for various reasons such as discounts, better prices, exchange offers, etc. Following are the two types of ACs available in the market.

Non-inverter ACs

A fixed-speed compressor motor is used in a non-inverter air conditioner machine. In contrast to inverter systems, they operate on a concept in which the compressor automatically turns on and off rather than operating at full speed. When the room temperature reaches a particular point, the compressor of a non-inverter air conditioner will shut down. When the room temperature increases again, it will start to cool down the air. As a result, it generates far more noise than the inverter unit. 

Inverter ACs 

An inverter is a smart gadget that works by altering the power supply, and the inverter may control the temperature and speed of the compressor’s motor. This helps in creating lesser noise and making the device energy-efficient. An inverter controls the motor speed of an air conditioner to avoid wasteful operation. These air conditioners maintain fixed temperatures by cooling when the room temperature rises or falls below the set temperature. Inverter AC has energy-saving technology and is smoother in operation, which increases the value of inverter air conditioning equipment.


Air conditioners filter the air in the room; hence debris and dust get collected in its filters. This problem is faced especially in the case of window AC. Furthermore, dust and particles will accumulate on the air filter of the air conditioner over time. All of these factors will ultimately combine to degrade the efficacy of your air conditioner if left unchecked. Many companies provide free maintenance for a specific time. Before investing in the purchase, check for the level of vulnerability the AC model can take and the future maintenance cost to plan a budget.

Ease of Installation

Once you’ve decided on the kind of air conditioner you want to buy, you’ll need to know if it’ll be easy to install in the location you desire. Measure the area you want to fix your AC in and then find the most suitable option in the market.


Having a good air conditioning system in place helps minimise heat and humidity. Air conditioners are a long-term investment, and replacing them more often is an expensive affair. Therefore, researching the features of these ACs will always be beneficial. Consider the points mentioned above and find the perfect AC for your home!

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