How to Increase User Engagement with Animations Videos?


Explainer videos have proven to be a game-changer in marketing, outclassing the old traditional marketing tools such as TV ads, Newspaper ads, or advertising through radio explainer videos have well replaced all conventional channels of marketing. Finding an explainer video production company can be the best marketing solution for your business as it’s a proven method to increase engagement and attract an audience that can help you increase sales.

Animations are one of the best suits if you need to attract raw audience scrolling through social media or through the internet as animations have the to attract the viewer’s attention, a research proved that animated explainer videos perform well and help the viewers attention of focus up to 95% this is a drastic stat that can put to advantage to those businesses that are willing to use explainer videos services for their marketing activities.

Businesses all around the world have put into practice using explainer videos for their marketing activities and the statistics have proven that such businesses have benefited by far. Compared to other advertising tools such as posters and banners, these explainer videos are a more convenient marketing tool, help attract audience better and have a far better conversion rate.

Animated videos can truly benefit your business, connecting to an explainer video production company or explainer video agency can get you through in acquiring top explainer video services.

Engaging Your Audience With Animated Video

Modern marketing can be defined as a time when digitally marketing your brand or business can be the best suit as it’s more affordable, less time-consuming, and more likely for conversion.

Videos have proven to go well with the search engine, websites, and ever-popular social media platforms, getting more likes, views and comments as a benchmark of how engaging your video was.

Here are a few proven tips to get more engagement to your Animated video which are absolutely free and can be put into practice by everyone.

Understand Your Audience

For making your animated explainer video more engaging it’s necessary to first keep in mind the class of audience you wish to target. If suppose your business is tuition for kids, then an animated explainer video that is more targeted to convincing the parents and that’s interactive with the kids could be the best choice. Athletes can be targeted through nutritional or workout videos and so on. So knowing your audience is the most important step in making a well-engaging explainer video.

Animations To You Advantage

Animated explainer videos are a well-proven tool that helps you engage the audience, animations hold the power to attract raw audience scrolling through social media or browsing through search engines.

Graphically rich animations, 2D-3D animations, or Isometric animations are the different forms of animation that can be used to make your animated explainer video more engaging. Animated explainer videos have proven to engage the viewer’s attention by 95% more compared to other video types.

An animated explainer video pricing can be a concern, but often short videos that are from1-2 minutes can be affordable and be a good choice for small businesses, animated explainer video pricing can be anything from 500 USD to 35,000 USD depending upon your requirements.

Use Social Media As Marketing Tool

Various social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and Instagram have billions of daily users. The good thing is these users can specifically target for increasing engagement for your animated explainer videos.

Paid social media ads can use to market your brand on social media platforms, such ads are can be specifically target toward the interest of your audience and get you more engagements. Further sharing such videos in social media groups can be a good unpaid way to get more engagements organically.

Marketing On Messengers

Messenger apps are the most use app on Android smartphones, almost everyone in the world is equipp with a smartphone and a messenger application in It. popular messaging applications such as What’s App, Telegram, Hike, or We chat can use to share your videos.

Explainer videos are often short and less heavy, they can send to various chatting groups and individuals, many at a time. You can easily send it to your contacts, your contacts can share it with their contacts as so an organic chain of marketing develops without you knowing about it.

So sharing your animated explainer videos on a messaging app can be a good option for engaging more people with your video.

Post It On Website

Every modern business is bless with a website, yes websites have become a common tool they act as proof that your brand is sustainable and repute.

The main purpose of your business website is to give a deeper more profound knowledge of your business or service to the reader. Posting your animate explainer video on your website can benefit your business as this will get you double points, by retaining your traffic on your website for a longer period as the audience gets engage with the video, improve SEO and more conversions as the interactive video will act as a salesman for your business.

Here were 5 free tips which can absolutely used by every business for marketing their brand and getting more quality engagements to their animate explainer video. Animated explainer video pricing can often be high but it’s 100% worth your investment, so rather than hesitating, we suggest you connect to an explainer video agency.

Finding A Explainer Video Company

There are many explainer video agencies, but Explainer Mojo is the best explainer video production company in the UK that also works with clients in the US and across Europe.

Explainer Mojo provides you with affordable animated explainer video pricing on the making of explainer videos, we provide all explainer video services under one roof for your clients.

Feel free to get in touch with Explainer Mojo for the best explainer video production services today.

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