How to make the most of your corner windows

How to make the most of your corner windows

If you have a window in the corner of your room, there are several ways to decorate it. For an artsy look, try placing different-sized glass in random patterns. Another way to make the window look brilliant is to add a wooden frame, which will not only look beautiful but also save electricity. Try painting the window frame the same color scheme as the walls to create a focal point. Alternatively, you can hang a beautiful piece of art on the window frame.


Furniture for corner windows can be tricky to decorate. A vintage-style chest, for instance, will look amazing in this space. Alternatively, you can place a couch in the corner to give it a more open layout. You can also get a matching accent table to create symmetry in the room. This way, you can show off the best features of corner windows while keeping the others in mind.

For those who work from home, a corner window with a view is ideal for working. If you have a desk next to the corner window, consider placing a single chair near it. This way, you can enjoy your morning coffee and some personal time in front of the window. Another great option is to place a decorative piece near the window. However, it would help if you anchored the support brackets into the studs on the wall.

You can make your living room appear brighter by using white paint. Adding a corner bench near a window can also give the room a fresher feel. A long corner window will help fill the room with natural light and warmth. The corner window will also look great with an outdoor dining table and chair. It will give you a more spacious and comfortable place to relax and unwind. It will also add a touch of futuristic style to your room.


When choosing plants for a corner window, select ones that will thrive in low light. The leaves of many plants are not suited to direct sunlight, but indirect light is ideal for them. They grow to heights of more than two feet with a trellis. They will grow best when placed near windows with a south or north orientation. A string of pearls would look great if you have a south-facing window. Plant it in a potting mix with some sand to avoid dampness. 

You can place a plant in the corner of a window by hanging a macrame cord from it. A stationary shelf made of wood, copper pipe supports, or simple wall brackets will be an excellent option for a corner window. 

Energy savings

Installing corner windows by Kolbe is a great way to add style and modern architecture to your home. These windows eliminate obstructive walls and provide sweeping views of the outside. Corner windows are popular among homeowners who want to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you have traditional window treatments like curtains or electric window coverings, corner windows provide the best of both worlds. 

Stacking multiple corner windows will maximize light flooding while providing extra surface area. Natural light will add aesthetic value to your room, reduce the stress response to artificial light, and ward off the onset of seasonal depression during the cold winter months. By installing corner windows, you can take advantage of natural light while enhancing your home’s energy efficiency. Just make sure you get a professional installer with a structural engineer or architect on staff.

Another benefit of corner windows is that they allow more natural light to enter your home than a typical window. A corner window 90 degrees in length will allow you to enjoy a wide view of the outside. Using a window with this particular design will also increase the value of your home. By increasing its value and adding to the curb appeal of your property, you’ll get more for your money.

You can add a cozy corner sofa or armchair in the living room next to a corner window for maximum daylighting. If you have a corner window, you can place a table or a lamp next to it. Alternatively, you can opt for a built-in seat in the living room. You can choose one from several types of corner windows. Andersen window company offers high-quality, durable picture and casement windows in many styles and colors to suit any home.

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