How to Overcome the Fear of Traveling Alone?

How to Overcome the Fear of Traveling Alone

It happens to everyone the first time traveling, even the bravest, even those who don’t let it show. You feel anxiety buzzing inside you, your palms are sweating, a thousand doubts, a thousand worries, a thousand questions assail you and you turn out to be less sure of yourself than you thought.

Feeling fear when you decide to start traveling alone is normal and physiological. And then it passes (it’s also physiological). But in the meantime, what can you do to overcome your fear of traveling alone? There are a few tricks. Here are our tips.

Your first solo trip

You are going to spend a weekend in a city or country where you have never been before. Only you and your luggage. Sweaty palms, many questions invading you: will I make it? will I be bored? will I get lost? etc. In short, a little anxiety for the first time, but at the same time the curiosity to try a new experience and understand what it would be like, what feelings it will give you, and if it is the right thing for you.

The fear disappears, journey after journey, but at first it is not easy to face the disadvantages of solo travel, which, especially at first, seem insurmountable. How to conquer the worry of traveling alone? What tricks can be used to make life easier?

Traveling alone: ​​tips for overcoming fear

According to the accounts of those who have experienced traveling alone on several occasions, overcoming the fear of traveling alone is easy and possible. Here are the tips we would like to give you if you too want to go on a trip, but fear is holding you back:

start small

Avoid projects that are too ambitious at the start; for your first solo mother daughter trips, a weekend in Paris or a European capital will do. As the fear passes and your confidence grows, you can embark on longer and more substantial travel experiences.

Leave well informed

Before you go, read as much as possible and find out about your travel destination and what to expect once you get there (how to reach the nearest town by public transport, where your accommodation is, what are the pick-up points, etc.) interest, how to get around the city, etc;).

Go with a minimum of organization

Traveling alone means traveling in freedom, but don’t forget that for more security, it is better to leave with a minimum of an organization (book accommodation in advance, take out travel insurance, scan your documents).

Get in touch with the locals

If you are afraid of feeling alone once you arrive at your destination, it may be a good idea to contact someone locally, such as a guide, or take part in guided tours ( many cities around the world organize walking tours for tourists, even for free ) or to contact other travelers about to leave for the same destination as you ( for example, you can consult and ask in groups on Facebook ).

Make an effort to talk to strangers

You are in a city you don’t know, you feel insecure and lost talking to people on the street, even if it’s just to ask for information or confirmation, is good training to fight shyness, make you more confident and open to others.

Bring something to fill in the downtime

If boredom is what you fear most, pack books, eBooks, music, or anything that can help break up the times when you don’t know what to do.

Stay in relaxing places

If your mood isn’t high and you feel the anxiety rising, look for places where you can breathe and relax.

Focus on the benefits of solo travel

Traveling solo has some downsides that may seem unpleasant (like eating alone). But if you think about it, you’ll realize that the benefits are considerable. Traveling alone allows you more freedom and autonomy. Even in decision-making. It allows you to connect more with locals and with other travelers, etc.

Probably if you make the effort to face the fear that prevents you from traveling alone,. You will eventually realize that, you are never alone. You can also go alone, but at the end of the day, the world is full of other people and other travel blogger like you (lots of solo travelers too) to meet.

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