How to Save Money on Ballet Clothes and Shoes?


Dancing is a beautiful, healthy and fun sport. But there is no denying that dance classes and performances require a very specific type of dancewear – that sometimes is not the cheapest. Moreover, each dance genre can require their very own type of clothing and shoes. For example, ballet dancers are supposed to wear ballet shoes, tap dancers need to wear tap shoes, and contemporary dancers can, sometimes, dance bare-feet. And when dancewear can be so specific and kids can change their minds so very quickly, it can be hard to financially keep up with the costs of dancewear and shoes. Not to mention performance outfits.

When it comes to classic ballet, dancers need to acquire the right clothes and shoes for their everyday practice routine such as leotards, spandex shorts, ballet shoes, skirts and countless pairs of pantyhose. And, approximately, once a year, there will come a time where they will be asked to buy performance outfits such as sparkly leotards and tutus – which are not cheap and will, most likely, only be worn once.

For that reason, having your kids take dance lessons can come up as costy. Especially when they often grow out of their clothes and shoes faster than they wear off. That raises the question: is it possible to save money on ballet clothes and shoes? The answer is yes. This article has put together a few tips on how to save money on ballet dancewear and shoes for your kids so you can encourage them to follow their creative and artistic dreams without having to spend a crazy amount of money along the way.

Compare Prices

Usually dance academies will have a list of their favorite stores. Yes, it can be helpful because you will have a list of trustworthy places that sell exactly what you need and with guaranteed quality. However, it is not entirely necessary to buy from those places.

The tip here is to ask the dance instructor or the dance studio the specifics about what kind of clothes and shoes will be needed and do a thorough research on stores nearby and ecommerces that sell that specific kind of product. To make sure you will be buying a good product, you can also read the reviews and ask other parents where they have purchased their kids’ dancewear and if it was a good deal. It might take a little longer but you will be able to find what you need for the best prices.

Buy Used Dancewear and Ballet Shoes

Still on the comparing prices note, you can also buy used clothes, shoes and costumes. As long as they fit the dance studio’s requirements and they are in good conditions, you should be good to go.

A nice thing to do is to join or make a group with other parents from the same dance studio or even other dance studios in town so that everyone can buy and sell ballet clothes, shoes and costumes. That can be a great idea to also share tips, reviews and experiences.

Sell What You No Longer Need

Buying and/or selling used dancewear might sound a little weird at first. But the truth is that kids grow out of their clothes and shoes really fast. Probably faster than they can wear them off. Especially when it comes to performing costumes. Those are beautiful, but are usually only worn once.

To make things easier for you and the next parent, you can safely purchase used dancewear from other parents and kids and also make a little money yourself selling what you kids no longer need. And, if you think about it, if you can manage to sell some stuff, you might even be able to buy the new things you need and not spend a single penny.

That process can happen online on websites where people sell second-hand products, by simply talking to the other parents at the dance studio or, better yet, on that group of parents you can join or create that was mentioned above.

The truth is that kids can have a handful of hobbies and different interests as they grow up. So the secret to being financially able to encourage that is to always do your research and not be afraid to either buy or sell second-hand items. Among other ideas and solutions, these can be just the ones you have been looking for to keep on making the smartest choices for your wallet. 


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