How to Score high in GMAT Exam for MBA in the UK?

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GMAT Exam for MBA in the UK

This blog is for GMAT exam. So, read how to score high in GMAT exam for MBA in the UK. Many business schools expect you to do well in a pre-entrance exam, such as a GMAT, to earn an MBA pass. Even if the exam is not an official entrance requirement for the MBA course you have chosen, a strong score can give you an advantage over other candidates.

What do you mean by GMAT?

The GMAT is established by the Graduate Management Admission Board (GMAC) and is used by universities to help decide if you have the academic ability to study for an MBA. It is also used to enter other graduate business and management courses.

The GMAT exam itself contains four parts and time given to complete the exam is three and a half hour paper.

Analytical Writing Assessment (30 minutes, one question)

Focuses on your ability to think critically, understand the argument, and communicate ideas.

Integrated Thinking (30 minutes, 12 questions)

Checks that you can analyze and evaluate data presented in different formats

Quantitative thinking (62 minutes, 31 questions)

Measures your ability to draw conclusions from the data you analyze.

Oral thinking (65 minutes, 36 questions)

Based on written English reading, comprehension, assessment, and correction skills

You can choose the order of sections to perform from the three available options, and you will be allowed two breaks of eight minutes.

The exam is computer based and adapts to your abilities. This means that in multiple-choice sections, your answer to one question determines the difficulty of the next question, and so on.

To take the GMAT, you will need to book a place at the assessment center. They are located all over the world and you can search for your local center on the GMAT website.

It costs £ 225 to take the GMAT. All GMAT-based appointment rescheduling and cancellation fees have been suspended (October 2020).

How does the GMAT score help?

You will receive individual points and total points for each of the four sections. The total score for all four section is from 200 to 800. Two-thirds of candidates earn a total GMAT score of 400 to 600.

The score you need to take an MBA course depends on the university or business school, so consult your chosen institution. In general, you will need at least 600 points to enter the lead course. Example of admission requirements for the best MBA in UK:

Cambridge University – does not set the required score, but the average for successful applicants was 687 points for the 2020 class.

London Business School (LBS) – average 701, minimum 600.

The University of Manchester does not set a minimum, but the success of a candidate who scores less than 500 points is “rare”.

Oxford University – A score of 650 or higher is considered “competitive”. The current average is 690.

City, University of London – is looking for a “balanced minimum” of 600.

Keep in mind that your GMAT exam is part of the MBA application process and a good score does not guarantee admission to the course. Similarly, working below average will not exclude you.

Business schools will review all elements of your application, including essays and your academic and professional accomplishments. In some cases, you may be asked to retake the exam to improve your results.

Here is all about the GMAT exam. If you want to know more than contact at overseas education consultants for free. They will guide you how to apply for GMAT exam or how to crack it for study in UK.

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