How to Stream Your Favorite Show In Any Country?

How to Stream Your Favorite Show In Any Country?

Today we discuss How to Stream Your Favorite Show In Any Country? “Not available in your region” is one of the netizens’ most dreaded and frustrating encounters. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon. You may face this issue if you’re living somewhere with geo-restricted content.

For instance, if a streaming site has a license to stream a particular show only in the US, you won’t be able to access it outside the US.

So, it deprives you of watching your favorite shows and accessing content you want to. But a reliable US proxy or a VPN enables you to stream whatever you want, regardless of location. Surfshark is a best  US VPN server.

What Is Geo-Blocking and How Does It Work?

Geo-blocking, also called geo-filtering, is when websites restrict access to certain content based on your geographical location. The site owners achieve this by identifying your internet protocol (IP) address.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns your device a numerical address from numerous IPs unique to a specific location. It is like a data packet that forwards information to the website servers to ensure it returns to you.

Any streaming service can detect your region through your unique IP address and block you from accessing specific content.

Why Do Streaming Services Restrict Content In Certain Countries?

The more people stream a particular content, the more beneficial it is for the site owner. Then why would anyone restrict content in specific countries?

To begin with, websites have to license the copyrighted content over the internet. This license, however, doesn’t always cover the international audience, and they need to pay to make the content available in other regions.

A streaming service may intentionally cover a few audiences and discard the rest.

Here are a few reasons websites may limit viewership based on location.

Expected viewership. There’s no point in buying a license for a film that is only expected to go viral in a specific country. For instance, a Korean film producer might purchase licenses for Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand, where viewers are more likely to view the content.
Price. Streaming companies pay a hefty amount to purchase a license. Therefore, buying one for a few countries makes more sense than purchasing one for many.

Streaming sites go above and beyond to buy licenses and gain a competitive edge. A few choose to license a show in the US, while others own a streaming license for Europe.

Unluckily, customers cannot stream the desired content if they do not have the right subscription.

How Do Viewers Feel About Geo-Restricted Content?

It takes split seconds for individuals to access websites regardless of their residence. The rapidly evolving digital world has helped create and boost a globalized economy where content is shared and things are sold instantly.

Where the internet allows international collaboration and exchange of unique thoughts, it also restricts the viewership of copyrighted materials based on your region.

But because the users are accustomed to accessing information quickly, they find it frustrating to experience otherwise.

The entertainment industry often irks viewers by hindering quick access to copyrighted materials. This leaves customers frustrated, seeking alternatives to stream their favorite content.

Ways to Access Content Anywhere Around the World!

You may be unable to view specific content on various online platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Airbnb, and more. However, there are ways to privately and safely bypass geo-restricted content. Here’s how.

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Use a US Proxy

A proxy stands between your IP and the website you’re trying to access. Simply put, it acts as an intermediate. Proxy servers have unique IP addresses, granting you a different IP before redirecting you to the desired site.

Because it masks your IP address, the websites fail to detect your original IP, allowing you to access the content you want.

As a rule of thumb, invest in a reliable Proxy server with a good reputation that uses HTTPS encryption to keep your data secure – more info.

You can pick from free or paid proxy servers. Paid versions will offer more features than the free ones, of course.

Install VPN

Alternatively, you can install a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It forms an encrypted connection between you and the VPN and passes all your internet activity through the server.

This helps you bypass geo-restricted content because your traffic comes from the VPN server, not your IP. As such, the streaming site only sees the location and IP of the VPN server.

This allows you to stream shows and movies licensed for a specific country while in another country and keep your data secure.

All you need to do is install a reliable VPN server and connect it to your browser. The software will mask your identity and enable you to view geo-blocked content.


Users naturally expect more given the rapidly evolving world like today. Online viewers are accustomed to accessing billions of blog posts, articles, shows, and other copyrighted materials at their fingertips.

A few streaming sites, however, restrict content for obvious reasons. Costs and expected viewership keeps them from purchasing a broad license. However, a US proxy or a VPN offers a hassle-free way to access online content no matter your geographical location.

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