Important Queries to Ask When Purchasing a Perfect Gold Mangalsutra for You

For every wedding, the gold mangalsutra is the most important piece of jewellery as it is associated with so many emotions even after the marriage. In Indian culture, a gold mangalsutra is a symbol of a saubhagyawati woman who wears it during her entire life until her husband stays with her.

So, this traditional gold jewelry must be bought very carefully. In this article, we have listed some questions that one must ask the jeweler before buying a gold mangalsutra for the bride. For any piece of jewellery three aspects are very important its design, good quality, and the most important is the pricing. Hence, the questions are designed considering all these aspects that are going to help the bride in

Choosing the best mangalsutra that she is going to cherish her lifetime.

Question 1: There are multiple choices available with the jewelers now. But you may already have decided on some design in your mind. So, you need to ask the jeweler if they can customize the mangal sutra or you have to choose from their designs only.

Question 2: If they agree to create a customized mangal sutra as per your demand, then ask the jeweler about the timeline and the charges. If you have less time, mention it to them.

Question 3: Sometimes the custom mangal sutra charges are more than the already made pieces with the jeweler. It is important to confirm the charges. If they are not doing it for the first time, they will not charge extra for it.

Question 4: Sometimes you lack cultural knowledge about the traditional mangalsutra. There are old and prestigious jewelers in the town that have all the information about the traditional mangalsutra. You can ask questions about your traditional gold jewellery and take their guidance.

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Question 5: Another important query to ask is about the type of chain you should buy for your mangal sutra. There are various options available nowadays. The chains are available with only black beads, a combination of gold and black beads, and only gold beads with designs, etc. Ask to show them all the latest chain designs available with them and choose the one you like the most.

Question 6: Along with the chain, another important thing to consider is the pendant for your mangal sutra. You must ask the jeweler whether you need a pendant in the mangalsutra or not. If yes, then which style will suit the most with the selected chain. There are various options available in the market for pendants. If you have selected a traditional gold mangalsutra then the pendant is fixed and chosen according to the culture. But if you are going to the latest trend, you can have a simple gold pendant, diamond-studded pendant, pendant with gemstones, etc.

Question 7: Ask the questions about the quality of the ornament. Discuss the weight of the mangalsutra that you have selected. Check for the hook of the chain. Ask them if it can be adjusted to change the length of the mangalsutra as per your convenience.

Question 8: Last but not the least, ask for the amount you need to pay. Check the receipt properly before making any payment. Check the current gold rate and then pay for your jewel.  Confirm the mode of payment and discuss about the EMIs.

By Mussarat Zafar

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