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Know More About Safety Signage that Comply with OSHA and ANSI

Each day, American workers operate and work around construction machinery and equipment. These eupiments and machinery could harm or kill them at any time. Thanks to worksite safety signage measures, it’s still possible to avoid a lot of potential dangers and hazards. In 2014, more than 3 million job site injuries were being reported. And that  showed that there was still room for improvement.

One easy and efficient way to ensure construction jobsite safety is through construction jobsite safety signage. Safety signage doesn’t only aim to prevent accidents but also promotes efficiency and workspace safety awareness.

A lot of people know about the benefits of job site safety signages but what a lot of people are still not clear about is the regulatory requirements of job site safety signages-

Safety Signages : OSHA and ANSI:

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Health Standard Institute) are two regulatory institutes that publish the standards of job site safety.

29 CFR 1910.105 is OSHA’s specifications related to accident prevention signage and it also tells about the placement standards of signage.

ANSI has standard safety signage that goes further than normal safety signage and tells more about the colors and pictograms of safety signage.

ANSI standard specifies all the aspects of safety signages and these include-

The sign colors: If defines 3 things:

  1. The signal words like “Danger” or “Warning”
  2. The sign size and colors
  3. It also tells about the placements of safety signage

ANSI standards got revised with time and 2011 was the last time when the standards were revised. When you are using construction safety signage, make sure they comply with the current standards.

Types of primary hazards and their safety signages-

Danger signs alert people about the potential hazards. The signal word “Danger” is followed by a safety alert symbol. The white laters are printed on a Red background. This type of sign indicates serious injuries or death if the danger is not avoided.

The warning sign is ideal for hazards that could cause serious injuries or even death but are not as severe as Danger signs.

Caution signs indicate hazards that could cause moderate or mild injuries.  This sign includes a “CAUTION” followed by a safety alert symbol printed in black letters on yellow background.

 Now, you might have gotten an idea about the construction site safety measures that you should take. As we have already stated above OSHA requires you to use construction job site safety signage. You can order high-quality job site safety signs from ARC at the most competitive price and ensure a safe environment for your employees.

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