How to make yourself prominent in job interview in 2022-23

“I created my perfect resume, sent it in and  just got the call and they want you to come into an interview. What to do now?”

Many potential employees look great on paper but the ones with the highest success rates have the ability to sell themselves in person to employers. In this article we will discuss what are the basics of pulling off a good job interview. 

We will go over how to look, what to talk about and what to bring to a job interview etc. To impress the employer.

What to Wear

“To land the part you have to dress the part”

We’re all aware of the old adage “Dress for success” and that is true here. It goes without saying, dress to impress and to let the employer know that you’re a serious candidate. Don’t just walk in willy nilly in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Pick out a formal outfit that addresses the interaction between the employer and the employee as a formal and serious one. 

Oscar Wilde once said “You can never be overdressed or overeducated”.With all due respect to Mr. Wilde this is not applicable for job interviews. Showing up in a three piece suit and flaunting a Phd from Yale Degree in Quantum Physics isn’t going to impress anyone. Infact, it might have the opposite effect of the employers not taking the job application seriously. 

Find a sweet spot with your fashion sense. Don’t give off the impression that you don’t care about the job at all or that you’re too good for the job but showed up for the interview anyway. 

Just like when picking out Resume Templates, think about what the company does, what the job is and where do you fit in and go from there. 

For Example:

For a job interview for a Web Developer. A full sleeved collared button up shirt, a tie and some casual pants or simple jeans, maybe a light blazer and sensible oxfords should be fine. 

If the job interview is for an executive position at a high end Law firm then dress in a standard colored formal suit, matching tie and matching footwear. 

Body Language and Appearance 

The behaviour and look should impress. A “firm handshake” is just as important today as it was  a hundred years ago. 

There is nothing worse than walking into an interview sluggish, unkempt and with poor hygiene. 

Think about it. In some ways an interview is just like making a resume. Think to yourself “When I made My Perfect Resume, I took care of the Resume Templates that I used. I took time to make it look nice, accurate and eye-catching”. In the same way, think about your appearance and ask yourself “Am I being perceived as My Perfect Resume is “. 

Keep a neat shave and if you wear a beard keep it maintained and well groomed. Get a decent amount of sleep the night before and walk in with confidence. 

During the job interview, talk with confidence and maintain eye contact. Be decisive with actions and phrasing. 

Remember formal courtesy. Start the conversation with a “How are you ?” and end with a “Have a good day”

Even if you’re more than capable of handling the tasks that the job requires there’s more to the job than just those things which brings us to.

What to talk about ?

Think “Before I made My Perfect Resume I background checked the company to get a better idea of what goes in and what I omitted”. In the same way, do some research on the company’s policies and work culture to know what you’re getting yourself into. Have a good idea about what is expected of you and verbalise how you can meet expectations. 

Have an elevator pitch at the ready for the introduction. It is common practice that the hiring manager will ask you to introduce yourself. If that happens, introduce yourself briefly, mention all relevant work you’ve done with a little bit of detail and that will be the beginning of the interview. 

During the course of the interview don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make sure that they are relevant to the job. For example it’s good to ask the interviewer “What are the biggest challenges a person would face in this position?” and it’s bad to ask “What are the names of the children?” or “Were you impressed by the resume Templates I used?”. Long story short, keep the conversation relevant to the position.

Use anecdotes to create value for yourself during the interview. For example, if you set the quarterly sales record in your previous job, explain how you did it in detail. This is an excellent trick to impress Hiring Managers .

What Questions to expect?

It is common to be asked “Where do you see yourself in five years?” or “What do you think your greatest strengths are?”. Don’t get flustered and answer these questions with gravatasque. Instead of saying “I expect to see myself in your seat” or “I am really afraid of clowns” say “I expect progression through the company at a steady rate, creating value by utilizing my acquired skills and learning new ones along the way” and “I would have to imagine that I lack experience in {Insert aspect of field here} but am more than willing and able to make up for it through taking on the duties of {Insert position here} at {Company Name}. 

Just like we asked you to think about “What goes in my perfect resume” during the resume building stages, we will ask you to think “What can you add to an interview that will set the tone, show your relevance, keep it formal yet personable”. 

What should you bring?

Last but not least a question you should ask is “ I’ve Made My Perfect Resume, used the appropriate Resume Templates and Resume Formats and even landed the Interview. Do I need to bring something with me that could help?”. The simple answer is that you don’t need to bring anything to a job interview, unless it’s specifically asked for. That being said, it is still a good idea to bring a printed copy of your Resume with the same Resume Templates that you chose while applying to help you during the interview process. 

A competent interviewer should have a copy of your resume in front of him. If he doesn’t you can hand them your copy. This is another chance for you to impress them with your achievements without even saying a word. 

This is especially useful because your copy can be used as a cue card. This means that you can point to anything that you want to stand out in the resume as a talking point. Thus, impressing the interviewer and improving your chances of success.

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