Marijuana and Anxiety: It’s a Messy Situation

The idea that marijuana can help with anxiety is not new. In fact, plenty of people consider it an effective treatment for this condition due to the calming effects it produces and ability to lessen any associated symptoms such as panic attacks or palpitations. Usage of MMJ for anxiety is also a common thing in Florida nowadays. 

CBD and THC. 

Marijuana is made up of two main ingredients, THC and CBD. The psychoactive effects are caused by phytocannabinoids found in the plant which interact with receptors located throughout our body to produce mental alertness or relaxation as desired by users.


Medical marijuana can be defined as the use of THC to help with medical conditions. There are many types and strains, but most have a high content in this chemical compound which causes users to feel “high” when consumed for therapeutic purposes.

The psychoactive effects from consuming cannabis come from its main ingredient, the phytonutrient called cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike regular Parkinson’s disease medication that only controls symptoms without addressing root cause factors leading up until their development. CBD offers relief at both logical levels by reducing severity/frequency rates.


Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes since the days of ancient Egypt. Many people know that THC is what makes marijuana psychoactive, but there’s another compound in cannabis called CBD. Which doesn’t give you high and could be useful as an anti-inflammatory or painkiller without making your brain feel funny?

What does it do?

While many people use marijuana for anxiety, there’s no question that the plant can help you relax. Sleep quality has also improved in those who smoke weed regularly or take CBD oil before bedtime.

Rather than seeking relief from their symptoms, many clients report that marijuana helps relieve the anxiety and depression they experience as a result. For those living with agoraphobia or social phobias it can be difficult to leave home due to an inability to overcome fear when facing outside environments where this condition may exist.

However through use on both anxiety disorders such as panic disorder and PTSD including flashbacks/trauma responses pot has proven effective at relieving these disruptive conditions without causing any long term problems.

In addition there have studies conduct which attest how cannabinoids work directly toward treating certain electromagnetic stimulation.

How it may harm you?

There are many different forms of cannabis, all with their own unique effects. For some people anxiety seems to be improve by using marijuana while others report it having the opposite effect on them and making things worse for chronic sufferers.

Marijuana can have a significant effect on anxiety symptoms, but it doesn’t appear to be as effective over the long term. In addition marijuana has associate with increase heart rate and racing thoughts which are not present in other treatments for this disorder such as psychotherapy or medication.


The effects of a mental health condition are often difficult to manage, which can have an adverse effect on your daily life and well-being. Symptoms include: Mood swings or changes in behavior patterns such as increased irritability; Distractibility the inability to concentrate when needed due either field interest. 

Racing thoughts that make it seem like you’re trying too hard do engage with what’s going around us. Even if this was true before there may be something specific happening right now.

Here are some pointers on how to use it safely

If you want to try marijuana for anxiety, there are a few things that can reduce your risks.

Go for CBD over THC

If you’re new to marijuana, start with a product that contains only CBD or one containing a much higher ratio of cannabinoids like THC-A. Remember; high levels tend to make anxiety symptoms worse. You can visit this online clinic’s website to learn more about MMJ and CBD. 

By Asees Mehtab

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