Meebhoomi and Andhra Pradesh Land Records

Meebhoomi: Features of Meebhoomi and Andhra Pradesh Land Records

The Government of Andhra Pradesh collaborated with the Department of Revenue to launch the Meebhoomi AP portal in June 2015. Real estate developers, buyers and sellers can access land records online through this portal. Individuals can also access land-related information, such as any amount due to the state, tax payment, etc., through the Meebhoomi passbook. 

5 features of the Meebhoomi AP portal

Take a look at these 5 features of Meebhoomi mentioned below:

  1. Residents of Andhra Pradesh can access land records online anytime and anywhere when required.
  2. It also allows landowners to view village maps, field management books, ROR, Meebhoomi Adangal etc.
  3. Users can express their grievances related to lands by lodging complaints without hassle on the official website.
  4. Pattadars and other official authorities can get notified about the status of any process through SMS alerts on their registered contact numbers.
  5. Since it is completely online, the Meebhoomi portal ensures transparency and speedy services.

What are the details users can access in the Meebhoomi AP portal?

Here are some of the following services that residents of Andhra Pradesh can access through the Meebhoomi portal:

  • Meebhoomi 1-B
  • E-passbook
  • Property owner’s details 
  • Linking Aadhaar card with land records
  • Check survey number and survey range
  • List of village landlords
  • Names of patta
  • Tenancy
  • Crop and land conversion details
  • Village and individual records of Adangal
  • Type of soil and source of water
  • Details of crops
  • Province risk 

Besides, this portal allows landowners to download soft copies of land details and Record of Rights, locally known as 1-B and Meebhoomi Adangal. 

However, there is a difference between these two. The former is maintained by the tehsildar and summarises sellers’ information. Individuals can further use this document for court proceedings and loans. Prospective borrowers can check with their lenders if it is needed when applying for a home loan. Adangal consists of details regarding the nature and type of the land and additional official information.

As far as the home loan is concerned, it is ideal to communicate with your lender to resolve all your home loan queries, including documents required, fees, eligibility parameters, to mention a few to avoid hassles later. 

Selected leading financial institutions are transparent with their charges and offer a sizable fund under a home loan against submitting minimal documents and meeting simple eligibility criteria. Individuals can check the list of all the documents on its official website for more clarity.  

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How to access information in the Meebhoomi AP portal?

Individuals need to register to the Meebhoomi portal to access land-related services online. Follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official portal of Meebhoomi. Go to the navigation menu and select the departmental login option.

Step 2: Enter the login credentials and select district from the drop-down list. Type the Captcha to log in to this portal successfully and access services online.

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How to download the Meebhoomi 1-B document?

Landowners can view and download the Meebhoomi 1-B document by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official Meebhoomi portal. Select ‘1-B’ from the menu and click on the ‘1-B’.

Step 2:  You can view the 1-B document by selecting any one of the following options – 

  • Account number
  • Survey number
  • Automation records
  • Aadhaar number 

Step 3: Enter the name of the district, village zone, etc., and the selected option details mentioned above. Type the Captcha and submit it. 

Similarly, individuals can make changes to 1-B and Adangal to rectify errors in land records by lodging complaints directly on the website. They can also check its status against submitting the complaint number and district name. 

Meebhoomi AP online portal offers flexibility to property owners to view and download necessary land documents at their convenience. However, individuals must be aware of unofficial Meebhoomi mobile applications available on Google Play Stores and should check credentials before utilising such applications.

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