Size of the handle in MRF Cricket Bats

MRF Cricket bat

When choosing an MRF Cricket Bat, the size of the handle is an important factor to consider. A thin handle is easy to grip and allows you to control the bat better. The MRF Cricket Bat offers a titanium handle for enhanced control. The bat’s size also matters. Choosing a bat too short or too long will make it difficult to handle. Finally, consider the weight of the bat. English Willow bats are generally heavier than Kashmir Willow bats.

MRF Genius

The MRF Genius cricket bat is made of premium English willow for exceptional durability and performance. The bat is crafted with a curled blade for superior control and a high sweet spot. The bat features a 1 fiber tape to increase grip and durability. The MRF brand has been associated with cricket in India since the 1980s. Since 1990, the MRF brand has sponsored some of the world’s most talented batsmen. The MRF Genius cricket bat is manufactured by an authorized distributor in the United States.

The MRF Genius Cricket Bat is available in two sizes. The junior/men’s MRF Genius weighs around 1140gms, while the senior/men’s version weighs between 1140 and 1260 grams. The MRF Genius is ideal for the young cricketer who is just beginning to play the game. MRF’s new mascot is prolific Indian skipper Virat Kohli. Young talent like Prithvi Shaw is also a strong and aggressive bat.

MRF Genius 360

The MRF Genius 360 Cricket Bat is an all natural English willow, Grade 1+ bat designed for professional cricket players. It is hand selected to offer great balance and control and is a replica of the cricket bat used by Ab de Villiers. The MRF Genius 360 is a good choice for all round stroke play and has a big profile. The bat’s offset middle enhances pick up and balance.

The MRF Genius bats are made of selected grade A English willow, featuring a curved blade and thick edges. Each bat is stamped with an MRF hologram. It also comes with a full length bat cover and a hologram sticker. MRF bats are designed for both professional and division level players. They are always knocked in! And because they’re made from premium players grade willow, they deliver superior power.

MRF Genius Unique Edition

The MRF Cricket Bat Genius Unique Edition comes with an imported sarawak cane blade and grade 1 English willow. This cricket bat is ideal for young and aspiring players. Its handle is short and has a round shape. It comes with grains ranging from six to ten. Its head is shaped in a way to maximize swing speed. Moreover, it is a renowned cricket bat for its durability.

It comes with a bat repair stick that can be used to repair minor dents or cracks. The bat handle is made of a combination of cane and sheep leather and is light for easy pickup and driving power. Designed to last, the MRF Cricket Bat Genius Unique Edition offers you a lifetime of value for your money. This bat will help you score runs in the long run, so make sure you get one today!

MRF Genius Grand Edition

The MRF Cricket Bat Genius Grand Edition is a world class bat designed to replicate the style of batting preferred by Indian superstar Virat Kohli. Its massive edges and extended sweet spot deliver great power, control, and ping. Made of premium English willow, the MRF Cricket Bat Genius Grand Edition is an excellent choice for a cricket bat. It is available in red and is endorsed by Virat Kohli, India’s superstar batsman.

The MRF Cricket Bat Genius Grand Edition features an English willow bat with a weight of 1140-1260 grams. The bat is made of premium English willow and features a modern shape and a 1 fiber tape for extra grip and durability. In addition to its lightweight design, the bat also boasts an engraved MRF logo and is ideal for all levels of cricketers. For those who want the best bat in the world, the MRF Cricket Bat Genius Grand Edition is the way to go.

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